Somaliland:Garoodi Honors President Silanyo on Accomplishments



Goth Mohamed Goth

The Garoodi Social welfare group has presented a certificate of honor to HE Presdent Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Silanyo for his worthwhile accomplishments during his four years in a ceremony held in Hargeisa a fortnight ago.

The certificate of honor awarded to Presdent Silanyo by the Garoodi welfare group was received on his behalf by the Minister of Presidential Affairs Hon Hersi Hassan Haji Ali.

The secretary-general of the Garoodi social welfare group speaking during the event gave a brief insight into the working of the social group since it was founded especially in the fields of education and health in the country.

The Minister of Information, Culture and National Guidance Hon Abdullah Mohamed Dahir Cukuse addressing guests during the ceremony lauded the social group for its philanthropy work; he went on to reiterate the present government support.

Hon Cukuse added, “As you’re all well aware of HE President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Silanyo in the past supported the work of the Garoodi social group especially in regard to the Sallehley secondary school which President Silanyo contributed over 70 % of the funds which were used for the construction the school.

The Chairman of the Garoodi social welfare group said their group shall have in the past worked in development projects had a profound impact on the community at large.

The Minister of Presidential Affairs Hon Hersi Hassan Haji Ali on behalf of HE Presdent Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Silanyo received the award from the Garoodi social welfare group had this to say, “We need to see more meaningful entrepreneur activity amongst teenagers across the country and within key sectors that we know can create quality jobs and growth.”

Hon Hersi Hassan Haji Ali added, “We need to create an atmosphere which will encourage self-employment through access to unrivaled opportunities for personal development and venture growth.

Present at the ceremony were 13 recently graduated engineering graduates who studies were sponsored by the Garoodi social welfare group.


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