Somaliland:Friends of Amoud University Host Dinner for Prof. Suleiman Gulaid



ABU DHABI, 21 May 2016–Members of Friends of Amoud University hosted a dinner reception in honor of Professor Suleiman Ahmed Gulaid, President of Amoud University, who wrapped up a two-month private visit to Abu Dhabi.

Prof. Gulaid briefed the members on the University’s progress from one college of 65 students and three lecturers in 1996 to its present status of 13 colleges with a total student population of about 5000 and a total faculty of 216.

He noted that the University has produced post graduate students in Master Degree and will start the PhD program in July 2016.

The University has academic cooperation with a number of prestigious universities such as UK’s Kings’ College and has recently joined the Association of Arab Universities.

Prof. Gulaid underlined the vital role that the UAE-Chapter of Amoud University played in supporting the university in its formative years.

“Your role has been instrumental in laying the foundation of the university,” he said.

For their part, the members hailed the historical role that Prof. Gulaid played in pioneering university education for the Somali people in general and for Somaliland in particular after the collapse of the Somali state.

They highlighted how the university became a beacon of hope for the Somali people, thus contributing to the peace and development in the region.





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