Somaliland:Former President Dahir Riyale Lauds UCID’s Political Track Record


u4By Goth Mohamed Goth

Somaliland diaspora living in Dubai, UAE hosted a dinner in honor for the former President of Somaliland H.E Dahir Riyale Kahin to remember and honor the former President of Somaliland for keeping the country united during his time in office and the way in which he peacefully transferred power to the current President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Silanyo.

The dinner hosted in honor of former leader of Somaliland was held in a Dubai hotel and among those attending were the justice and Welfare party “UCID” Presidential candidate Hon Jamal Ali Hussein and the chairman of the party Hon Feisal Ali Warrabe  

The former President Dahir Riyale Kahin speaking at the event urged the KULMIYE leadership to solve their differences in a civilized manner and in accordance with the laws of the party and those of the country and that both sides must respect those resolutions, he also urged the current government not to interfere with internal party affairs.

The former Somaliland leader gave example of the reasons which prompted the decline and the dissolution of the now defunct UDUB, in which he blamed on greed and self-serving cabinet ministers in his former administration whose aim to grab power for personal gains.

The Former President also revealed his support and admiration for the Justice and Welfare party “UCID” and its leadership, he also urged the UCID leadership to engage more with the local populace so as to earn their trust and garner their support as a party, and he also lauded the party’s good track record.

The UCID leadership has spent the past two months outside the country touring America, Europe and Australia, UAE and are expected to return to the country soon.


  1. Not one female in any of the functions. Is UCID a salafist party? I remember Fweysal so irresponsibly shouting Sharia! Sharia! in the last elections in a desparate bid to appeal to people’s emotions. Thank Al;alh it didnt work but the exclusion of women from our political discourse is not only unjust and unfair but actually quite dangerous


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