Somaliland:Former Interior Minister Arrested for accusing fellow Cabient Ministers of Being Al Shabaab Members


deputy minister of security

By Shine Abdi

Elite Police Units known as RRU and SPU last night stormed the house of the former deputy interior Minister in charge of national security Mr. Abdillahi Abokor Osman taking him into custody together with three other men who were thought to be his staff.

The minister arrest is said to be linked to recent remarks he made accusing top cabinet minister of links to the militant Al Shabaab group nearly one week ago.

The minister staff resisted attempts to storm the former security minister residence using heavy fire power but were later overpowered by the consignment of from the special police unit who entered the house breaking the gate ransacking most of the house while holding the occupants of the house at gunpoint, they even went to the extent of tying my household workers with chains in a bid to immobilize them.

Sacadiya Mohamed

Ms. Saydiya Mohamed ,wife of the detained minister speaking to the press said, “They came from all sides; some of them climbed the fence they were shouting “cardhaqaaqa” which literally means don’t move, they broke the front door of the house with their guns drawn and ready to shoot, when we inquired what was going on; they tackled us to the floor they didin’t  even different between children and adults.

Mr. Abdi Saleh, a neighbor we spoke to said, “They even shoot at neighbors who opened their doors to come to our rescue, I cannot believe the government of President Silanyo would be treating its people that way! Don’t they have enough horror from days the former said barre regime, they have to expand on it, and where else can the Somalilanders live in peace if not in Hargeisa?

 Somaliland Minister of Interior Mr. Mohamed Ali Waran cade speaking to the press today displayed several firearms recovered from the detained former security ministers  home.

halkan kala bax muuqaalka


  1. No sympathy for a terrorist, who started a gun fight and attacked the security force resisting arrest. He forced the police to use fire weapons in his own home while his kids and wife were there. Can anyone get more stupid than this? I’m more angry on the administration for giving a high and sensitive portfolio to this idiot.

    • Stay tuned mista jamjam. the tide is going to turn against you and your likes. You don’t cry like a small girl then, after all these lies of your’s. Fired shots in his own home ha? If somebody is stupid that’s you only and nobody else. Who you think you’re kidding jamjam ha? Tell these lies to stupid people like you!

  2. Why did he have armed men in his residence and why was he resisting arrest? And is he writing this piece? Somewhere it says they arrest “my” servants… or is this a typo and lack of proofreading by SLP editors?
    Anyway I dont think it is news that radical fanatics are taking over Somaliland. It is hardly a huge secret is it? Salafis own the shiithole. Silanyo is too weak to stand up to them and it maybe too late anyway. Where you have salafism Al-Shabab or Boko Haram or Al Nusra or some other murderous outfit will almost certainly follow. Not rocket science.

    • Kabocalaf,

      Please don’t underestimate Silanyo, he is a sleeping lion and once he begins to stretch his adversaries will run for their lives. Believe me, they’re already doing that after he changed his position in his sleep.

      I think the bragging , bribing little kids with SA banners and throwing home made bombs have taken their time and moving one step further could take as to the point of no return. The Garadag’s patience is wearing out and lasted more than expected. They were taking verbal abuse from Sheikhs, politicians, merchants,, unethical journalists and even women from Musa Bihi camp since Silanyo was elected. It is about time they should say enough is enough and set the record straight.


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