Somaliland:FM receives comprehensive literature chronicles on SL Recognition and Statehood from Top Local Researchers


DSCN0786By Goth Mohamed Goth

Somaliland Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Dr. Sacad Ali Shire and Deputy FM Hon Ahmed Jama Farah today at the Foreign Affairs Ministry Headquarters received top Somaliland researchers, Mr. Mohamed Abdullahi Dualeh, a political analyst and an independent researcher who specializes in matters regarding International Relations and Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Mahmoud “Barwaani”, senior civil society member and senior researcher and Rooble Sahardiid, senior Journalist presented the Minister of Foreign Affairs with several volumes comprehensive literature chronicles on Somaliland recognition and Statehood gathered and complied for the past 25 years.

Mr. Mohamed Abdullahi Dualeh, speaking during the formal handing over ceremony said, “Since the independence of Somaliland in 1991, there have been multi- dimensional challenges against Somaliland foreign policy. The challenges have led to ineffective diplomacy challenges which have made the country to remain in isolations for years. The isolation of state have also implications in the affairs of the government in country and internationally hence the need to formulate an effective approach to deal with the outstanding obstacles facing the nations recognition quest.

”The skill and profession of the Somalilanders involved in the process both leaders, scholars and Somaliland diplomats will remain crucial in developing and  designing of the  Somaliland political strategic papers which will conceptualize the foreign policy and strengthen approach of integration to Somaliland sustain robust and long term effective foreign policy. We hope these documents will help the Foreign Affairs Ministry to academically and strategically analyse what went wrong on Somaliland’s quest for International recognition”, Mr. Dualeh noted.

Right, Mr. Mohamed Abdullahi Dualeh,Center,Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Mahmoud Barwani and Rooble Sahardiid during the formal handing over ceremony
Right, Mr. Mohamed Abdullahi Dualeh,Center,Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Mahmoud Barwaani and Rooble Sahardiid during the formal handing over ceremony

Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Mahmoud “Barwaani” speaking during the formal handing over ceremony said, “It’s a high time for Somaliland policy makers ought to have accurate information and understanding of the factors that influence the foreign policy and diplomacy relationship which are vital in the of search of recognition and statehood.

He added, “It cannot be said that the recognition by the international community will need to see more being done on the domestic political arena than issues in relations to regional and international relations hence the need to invite new partners such as international experts.


Somaliland Minister of Foreign Affairs on his part lauded the efforts of the local researchers in comply the vital political strategic papers which are very important especially at a time Somaliland wants to redesign its foreign policy.

Dr. Sacad Ali Shire further stated, “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation is open to everyone who can participates in the reforming the country’s political, social, and economic subdivision which later will hand in hand inform the ability to master the diplomatic issues and reducing the challenges of foreign policy that always are the factors in cultivating international recognition.


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