Somaliland:FM Opens 5 Days Foreign Policy Training Conference for SL Overseas Representatives



mainBy Goth Mohamed Goth

Somaliland Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Dr. Sacad Ali Shire today opened a five day gathering for serving Somaliland overseas representatives meant to strike out an effective strategic foreign policy to pursue the quest for the elusive recognition international community.

The Foreign Affairs minister speaking during the opening of the five days gathering said, “The purpose of our gathering is not only to familiarize with each other but to brain storm and exchange notes on matters regarding our foreign policy

2 4 87During the course of this gathering we shall look into the inability to persistently lobby for international recognition is another challenge, therefore, to attain de jure recognition is dependent on how Somaliland would overcome both these internal and external factors which remain the major challenges crippling its quest for international recognition remains to be seen .

“The five-day meeting will train you (Somaliland ambassadors) on the basics of diplomatic protocol and media engagement, to strengthen its case for international recognition. This will also provide the opportunity to discuss on finalizing Somaliland’s foreign policy. This will unlock the doors to full international financial institutions to provide further funds for development and investment. Somaliland is an oasis of peace and stability in a volatile region”, He said.

The FM added, “You the overseas representatives of Somaliland are tasked to use all means effectively promote the country image as being a peaceful, democratic country, which has written its constitution that has established structure and form of the state, the constitution also unambiguously sets out the prerogative powers of the three branches of the state namely; the legislative, executive and judiciary.


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