Somaliland:First Batch of Ethiopian trained Air Traffic Controllers arrive in the Country


IMG_0852By Goth Mohamed Goth

December 4 2015-The Minister of Aviation and Air Transport Hon Osman Abdullah Saharadiid “Cadani” earlier today received the first batch 13 Ministry of Civil Aviation who returned to the country from neighboring Ethiopia after completing their one year training as technicians, air traffic controllers and meteorologists and are expected to replace non-Somali staff once the country gains full control of its airspace.

The recently arrived Ministry staff briefed the Minister of Aviation and other top Ministry officials on the training they under took during the one year training course meant to equip them with the basic objectives and priorities for levels of service, as part of manpower and infrastructural development, they will begin their induction and orientation at the Egal International airport soon.

IMG_0845Hon Osman Abdullah Saharadiid “Cadani” speaking to the press said , “I am happy to see finally Somaliland born technicians, air traffic controllers and methodologists will in future be responsible for controlling and monitoring our airspace which means we are one step to the complete the necessary preparations for gaining full control of our airspace which was previously been controlled by Cacas and ICAO in 1991 and since we reinstated our independence from Somalia we haven’t had such opportunity to training fresh people. The Minister promised to support the newly graduated ministerial staff.

The Minister of Aviation and Air Transport during the meeting was flanked by the Director General in the Ministry of Aviation and Air Transport Mr. Omer Abdullah Aden and Mr. Mohamed Yusuf Ismail, the Director of Operation at the Egal International Airport.



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