Somaliland:Film screening and discussion at Hargeysa Cultural Center


redseaDate: February 10, 2016 – Wednesday
Time: 19.30 – Venue: Hargeysa Cultural Centre (HCC)
Title: Somaliland Camel Corps: The Forgotten Soldiers
Directed by: Iman Sheel
Language: English

Redsea Cultural Foundation is proud to present ‘Somaliland Camel Corps: The Forgotten Soldiers’ at Hargeysa Cultural Center. This one-hour documentary, produced by Iman Sheel alongside with Sahan Society Center in the UK, pays tribute to all the Somaliland heroes who fought during the First and the Second World Wars, whose courage, loyalty and commitment to the cause was extraordinary but whose
stories have, unfortunately, not always been given the recognition they deserve.

A talk by Hamish Wilson and other people featured in the story will follow. A public discussion about the history of the events, and the individuals narrated in the documentary, will follow as “HCC Open Microphone” session.

Free entry event, but we have limited posts and registration is recommended, so please come bit earlier, if you are new to the Center. If you are a member, please do not forget to bring your membership card with you.

Thank you,
HCC team.

Jama Musse Jama
REDSEA Cultural Foundation
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