Somaliland:Feisal Ali waraabe set to attend Socialist International Council Meeting in Mexico City


images (1)By Goth Mohamed Goth

The Chairman of the justice and welfare party UCID Hon feisal Ali Waraabe is expected to attend the meeting of the Council of the Socialist International to be held in Mexico City, which will commence on the 30 June-1 July 2014.

The Socialist International will be holding the next meeting of its Council in Mexico City on 30 June and 1 July, hosted by the SI members, the PRI and the PRD.

The meeting will be inaugurated by the President of Mexico, H.E. Enrique Peña Nieto, in a special opening session.

The Council agenda will center on social democratic priorities with regard to the global economy, challenges to international peace and security, the strengthening of democracy and the issue of migrations.

The meeting will open at 10.00 hrs on Monday 30 June and will conclude at 13.00 hrs on Tuesday the 1st of July. The theme of this year meeting will be “Advancing our priorities in the global economy; searching for peace in open conflicts; and working alongside those mobilized for democracy”


  1. I didn’t know UCID was a socialist party! If i remember correctly, Feisal was screaming Sharia! Sharia! from the rooftops during the last elections. Maybe he saw …the ligt since? Socialist light that is. Next they will be singing the Intenationale at UCID conferences. Hallelujah! Sorry wrong term. Viva or something..


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