Somaliland:Feisal Ali Waraabe blames Diplomatic Woes on Government


FEISAL UCIDUrges President Silanyo to Unite the Nation

By Hassan Ali

The chairman of Justice and Welfare party (UCID) has strongly criticized the government of President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Silanyo in an exclusive interview with a local Somali language Geeska Afrika.
Hon Feisal Ali Waraabe said, “Somaliland relationship with the international community is at a high time low made the remarks in a telephone interview he gave to Geeska Afrika last night from the UK where he is currently situated.
The chairman of Justice and Welfare party also touched on President Silanyo trip he is what he had to say, “It’s is a sad to see both Ethiopia and Djibouti closing their borders although our country is secure, we have to do more to win the confidence of both our neighbors and the international community but as things are now it seems we have lost both in terms of our foreign policy and security, what we should do now is to start adopting new polices meant to repair our nations tarnished image and in order to realize this we must put aside our differences and I think It would be wise if President Silanyo would take the lead by uniting the people of this nation so as to adopt a common national goal.

Since the current government came to power, our country started falling out with its traditional allies; we need to make far reaching changes, as for me I will be coming back to the country soon and I will be bringing more news with me.
Hon Feisal Ali Waraabe went on to say, “Both the UK and America have being misinformed about our internal security for quite some time now, we must expose this lie against our nation through all possible means, we need to tighten and safeguard our own security, our police and other security apparatus must be upgraded, we need to secure our borders, we need to introduce tangible development and infrastructure projects in Erigavo to Las Anod and most importantly we must show the international community we have achieved more on our own but all this can’t ensue if our government fails to unite the people and that in my opinion will harm and short circuit our national aspirations.



  1. President Obama received Embasator from Somalia-this tell me Somaliland dream is dead. Somalialnd will better off to start negotiating with Somalia while South Of Somalia is weaker. Better to negotiate for Lion share..maybe Hargaysa could became Somali capital city-maybe president from Somaliland.

    • We don’t worship your shit obama. You do. To hell with obama and his UN. We only trust and warship Allah the Almighty. Somaliland never dies, so long as a single Somalilander lives on our BELOVED Motherland. Viva Somaliland!!!

  2. Somalia is one and should remain one!!!!

    No Qabil! No division! No Somaliland, No Puntland! No other land!


    The reason why the world will never recognize Somaliland and should never is because the interests of all Somalis and not just Isaaq people are served better when Somalia is united as one!!!!

    Somaliland can never be successful because not everyone who lives in what is Somaliland territory agrees with breaking away from Somalia!

    Why should the rest of the world give only one clan a voice?

    One Somalia forever!


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