Somaliland:Fact Analysis and Emphasis Article;Borama Millennium’s Infrastructure Development

The town of Borame
The town of Borame

Pic of Mayor Suleiman’s speaking Sheikh Ali Road building.One drinks enough water only from one’s own palms.

“THE MOMENT OF MAYOR SULEIMAN HASSAN HADI: comparing to his elected office (mayor) and up to now the forward steps he took whether is increased or declined the development of infrastructures.”

By Abdikadir Jama

Borama City is carrying out the largest infrastructure plan in the Somaliland country’s history in a development economic and town views and also expanding income economy and reduces travel time and safety. The local government seeks to build new projects and upgrade existing infrastructure through public-private partnerships (PPPs) and taxation investment. But it also must overcome obstacles including complex geography, closed roads, security concerns, and corruption along the way and internal opposition coming by the some of the Borama local municipality that believe their opposition challenges the mayor personally, but that is not reality. The Mayor Suleiman succeeds and the history rights its self without false blaming (condemns).

The leader of local government seeks more investments money in road infrastructure alone, his goal seems very clear the improvement of Borama roads as whole, when you get back Mayor Suleiman His interviews that he has talked infrastructure plans its surely illustrate the competent plans to overcome all these obstacles based on the development sides. Let us compare the three different alliance points view exist in Borama local council and Mayor Suleiman’s goals of development. Always you hear some clash between the local council and strong claiming his tasks and office work.

he infrastructure of the town is improving since the current Mayor took office
he infrastructure of the town is improving since the current Mayor took office

Let us look the history behind these internal conflicts of council members are all of them based on personal and tribal interests and market alliance issues, fighting signatures of land files they carried their close relatives and there elected clans, because there is more misunderstanding their roles and responsibilities and poor knowledge of laws of local council. The integrity between the Mayor and his council in terms of work there is big shadow hided it and it will not get a solve for this period, and Mayor Suleiman is patient and truth worthy person that can run the whole tasks in the local government and also this council is more luckier comparing to the other councils in Somaliland because they have got an experienced person that has good administration background.

Roads being constructed day by day
Roads being constructed day by day

The newly infrastructure continue in Borama town are the encouragement and honest works he implementing without getting accepting and appreciation from his local council, but they put back him humiliation and disrespect of his administration. The concepts of improving roads causes increase the growth of the town.

The new highways will also increase transport between the town constituents’. “Infrastructure has become a major bottleneck,” Suleiman Hassan Hadi, Mayor of Borama, he told interviews when he talking this sterile conflicts in the local council. He said “We could not continue to solve this drop by drop…but we had to bring a significant development of play grounds (youth entertainments) and infrastructure, and decentralization of administration.”

The Busy streets of the town
The Busy streets of the town

Indeed, Borama must play catch-up to upgrade the town’s infrastructure and building play grounds for protecting youth immigration.


In addition, we never forget the historic initiative of Mayor Abdi Shide his innovated pathway and still going on the whole town and never stop remembering his record and we will ever mention again and again his success history.

Since the country built local councils and council elections, Borama has got two different terms of local councils that completely vary according to the levels and ages they are, let an example of first elected council in Borama.

They are consisted different pillars of the community that are responsible, aged, Aqils and educated and expert administration persons including the current Vice President of Somaliland are elected the ruling of Borama town, and fully understood the roles and responsibilities they handled it.

That council we talked was groups collected into Parties not for tribe groups and only committed the Office and the administration, us we know the Mayor’s and Deputy Mayors are different tribes but only share same Party.

From now on, comparing these present councils in Borama town are vice versa of replaced councils, explaining in deep information of present local councils are ignited tribe violence and war troops between them and the youths.

After their won the council positions immediately they initiated issues based on tribalism and campaigned at the office administration ambiguity (tolaay), that factors caused tribe shed and inefficiency work this divergent campaigned was proposed by the groups now creating the conflicts and violence inside the councils. This coming sentence explains the problem of tribe coalition and results of negative feedback.

Somali Proverb says” Only once did a bird take up some fire and even then it burnt its mother’s nest.” Macnaheeda (Shimbiri mar bay dab qaadday, markiina buulkii hooyadeed baygubtay.)

Now the worse situation is beginning on my article and informing my audience if you visit

Somali websites you will be receive witness and support information of my point view.

Next day, follow up the concept behind the alliance, undefined conflicts and the members of

borama local council backgrounds and work experiences

To be continues


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Writer: Abdikadir Jama


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