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A man’s chest cannot hold two (different) things together.

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Borama local council lacks all successful traits required from city and such as honesty, being incorruptible, straight and morally upright, law respect, transparent, capability, knowledge, vision, free from tribalism, free from nepotism, trustworthy, balanced, disciplined, fair, objective, but unluckily they escape the reality and mentor.

They lost any possess of the quality mentioned above. If we glance time of local council candidates and campaign all the whole town population welcomed and really supported the change Ideology of age difference of political competition, and that time Borama community were disappointed old aged politicians and strongly looking new blood that can gave birth new innovation and start new approaches to cover needs and to goes up the postponed development of Borama town.

The whole tribes were have one agreed points of selecting youth and middle aged candidates that graduated and has a degree or diploma level, because this town has more hungry of educated local council.

But this council they forget and never keep in their mind the history behind their election of local council; all the people are worrying their future votes and blame themselves waste of their vote dignity.

Also, if they will not try to look new method of changing these sterile conflicts and inefficiency works. No one will try again selecting and supporting youth political participation and it will be black spot on the coming new generation.

They appear posses of the following traits: passive, power hungry, Thoughtless, Disorganized, Discontented, Disobedient, Tribe power sharing, Disrespectful and Destructive, corruptive oriented and interest of self esteemed.

Always, the levels of education it must be compatible your stage and opinions you are contributing the institution that you are member also it must provide good prospective visions.

All the Borama local council has good background in the different fields they worked or studied and some of them was self-employed, but that knowledge does mean all of them are good for the field of politics and social worker, indeed they have more respects of major tasks they done, like Qur’an, primary and high (secondary) teachers, business workers, student graduators and self-employed persons.

But the only person who has political experience and worked it and familiar with more understanding of this field effectively is Suleiman the Mayor of Borama; in contrast we can get one point causing the misunderstanding between the local council the different field behaviors and experiences. Ex: teachers + businessmen + Qur’an teacher + student + self-employed + politician= BLC because we knew these entire field worker their unique decision instructions.

All these are truly points on the ground, as you see the backgrounds that seems well and logically acceptance the questionable things are the reasons trigger the conflicts which has same face and permanent repeating issues.

In another hand, Borama community still are surprising the paralyzed local council which difficult to walk smoothly and the spontaneous crushed between them.

Any institute around the world there is conflict between them, because is naturally of human being creature and normal cases happen. But the human being has very different approaches they can solve their inner conflicts to obtain solution.

This an example of illustrating the Chain of Command of Institutes (local governments)














This AGROGRAM shows us the hierarchy structure of institutions includes the decentralization of power administration, policies and procedures and also implied transparency system, the arrows coming down clearly stating meaning the chain of command.

There is no knowledge inside local council because all the people are educators but all the educators are not appliers, Borama local council is not constitution appliers.

Now, the reality of the structural organization charter I explained above does not implementing the internal system of local council, but why is not applied the national and local constitutions based on this country? We have witness points challenges protecting implementations the chain of command.

These are the following points:

  • The mayor always alone worker that caused without settled approval ground rules.
  • Tribalism issue works in the local council.
  • Group alliance and crowd demonstration always begin period of meeting and planning activity.
  • Lack of disciplinary rules.
  • Continues fighting with public markets an internal system hostile.
  • Armchair local council parties.
  • Direct opposition of the mayor his policy and procedures.
  • Lack of transparency and accountability between the executive committee and the rest of the local council members.
  • The entire council lost the confidentiality between them before they swear in front of the court.
  • Also there are more aggressive issues of struggling tribe power sharing (based like 4.5).

Hence, we are going to share our readers some worse cases according to some council members their believes that escalate the conflicts of local council, let us take by an example when we are a team we have rules and regulations but there is no boundaries closed between them, also the team leader has the right choice of his close friends inside the team apart from the work and his duties.

You get my points. An example above is funny and simple as they believe it causes these strong conflicts between them the example above, it is shocking.

Similarly, mostly you heard or read social media more times the professors, religious leader, businessmen, and expert politicians do interventions to built mediation and looking solutions to vanish the conflicts.

Every conflict has a root, stem and leaves the time of analyzing the conflict it has a base to begin it and investigating the central base of the conflict without taking any action points, after completion of that process the last stage of analyzing starting.

The classification of impacts that conflict brought. The mediation process initiates listening groups of conflict. But when the local council their conflict reached the mediation process both groups raised unbelievable statement comes up their claims that based on interests, jealous and propagandas, lack of confident and broken appointments. The team mediators concluding the discussion case listening then formulated direct intervention of mediation in order to bring stable condition in a way that they work together. Lastly, the mediator team gave consultation and exhorted points.



This picture illustrates the different parties involves the conflict:

This including regional and district authorities’ are showing us among the relationship between them.












The Local council
The Deputy Mayor


Strong relationship                               Weak relationship                              No relationship

Good relationship                                   broken relationship                   The conflict



Think make sure your cognition search out the exactly information you comprehend the upper picture and the relationship among them, they are completely desperate and future hopeless.

The up picture precisely reveals portray of local government, a place of violence of warlord of it and network pirates met. Are not they council we have chosen in order to help our poor community? The answer is yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Somali proverb says.” Fari kaliye fool ma dhaqdo” see translation.” One finger cannot wash a face”. And same as the mayor does not do anything alone and unity is a power.


Witness visual videos visit this link:


The Current Mayor’s Steps Realized:

  • Historic success of vice chairman of Somaliland committee mayors.
  • Current mayor brought back the second city town that has lost its existent in Somaliland.
  • He built complete stadium football for the first time in history and Awdal youth sport their dreams, this mayor changed into real tangible.
  • Current mayor his modernized plans was lead success of competition between Somaliland towns that member of JPLG donors, he earned first medal honor Borama gained since JPLG begun.
  • Mayor Suleiman won first modern stadium will be implementing in Somaliland, when he visited Sweden and the delegated was visited Borama for overseen.
  • He waiting Big project that almost completed a building well ground of ALL OPEN DOOR GAMES following its standardized equipments.
  • The leader of local government finished building of 5 asphalt roads that increase the economic growth, movements in the town and developed landmarks of the town.


After you read above achievements points of local government it is forwarded or postponed, moreover, there are other destructions and failed points that parallel of this achievements coming and supplying the merciless, propaganda, noisy and violence igniters putting different views (faces) negative to that one.

If we back to revolution of Arab countries were begin media and taking its trigger social media propaganda they using declining power administration we had that lesson learnt.

Borama local council members always in social media propaganda for claiming issues that forbidden on social media and is a shameful manner, do not try stake footsteps that damage your dignity, in personally and whole council it bring humiliation even sometimes they passing media nonsense information and unreliable ones, because they are a member of the council conflicts why they did not call urgent meeting to the mayor or release written documents. Only we can say these are styles of opposition but not correcting wrong things happening.


Somali proverb says.” Beentaada hore Runtaada dambe ayay dishaa” see translation.

“Yours previous lie damages your present truth”.

I recommending them their superfluous response to be bring to a halt, please kindly you are representing educated community and home of knowledge and peace that the other towns try to reach her role model. Think carefully.


Normally every conflicts has its dividers and connectors, because within the conflict both sides relating among the conflict share things that connecting them and not passed its limitations, and also a dividers are points or things involved or taking part of the conflict escalating.








THE MAYOR             VS            THE LOCAL COUNCIL







  • Local government.
  • Law and constitution.
  • Name of Borama Local municipality.
  • Somaliland constitution.
  • Interests.
  • Corruption.
  • Group alliance.
  • Tribe sharing


To Be Continue……………………………………………………


  • Tribalism and corruption.
  • Office administration.
  • Tribal affairs.
  • Internal contempt.
  • Discrimination between the council.
  • Fake appointments and lack of promises
  • Personal attribute
  • Tribe power sharing
  • Media and propaganda
  • Horseed Sanitation Company

(Next Episode II: will be responds and recommendation of our readers sending and the last plan we necessitate to implement pillars of negotiation).


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“WATCH OUT: Most Blood Suckers and Worth Sanitation in Borama”




Abdikadir Jama Abdullahi

Conflict Analyzer and free writer

Borama, Somaliland


Cell Phone: +252634453327

Date: 10/29/2014







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