Somaliland:Environmental Minister issues 1st November Ultimatum to Charcoal Traders



By Goth Mohamed Goth

The Ministry of Environment and Rural Development in conjunction with the Ministries of Energy Mineral Resources and Commerce meet with local entrepreneurs importing stoves and petroleum products discuss and consult on a proposed government plan to replace the traditional charcoal as alternative fuel to either that of coal, gas or kerosene/paraffin or/and electricity as source of energy for use in basic cooking.

Hon Shukri Hariir Bandare, the Minister of Environment and Rural Development speaking during the consultative meeting said, “I am glad to see these meeting became reality the three ministries and local entrepreneurs importing stoves and petroleum products finally coming together to consult on ways of transformation from dependency on charcoal to new choices of fuel source so as to reduce the usage and effects of Charcoal production on the environment, which I say it’s a triumph for the three ministries.

“Our Longer-term strategies aims at diversifying and increasing the number of affordable energy sources in Somaliland so that we shift from the usage of charcoal to alternative cheap energy sources such as coal, solar and gas and to avail additional access to cheaper Kerosene stoves at the same time granting licenses and exempt tax as an initiative to promote local entrepreneurs importing LPG [liquefied petroleum gas] and kerosene stoves tax free so as solve the problem.

Hon SHukri bandare added, “On their part, I hope our local entrepreneurs to come up with the cheapest Renewable energy sources for long operating life, Less air pollution clean and low cost maintained that access to benefit for the lowest people as well as available both urban and nomadic communities, this will be play active role the adaptability renewable energy growth and the three Ministries shall assist them in raising awareness on the issue.

Currently, people understanding bit by bit the advantage of renewable energy, the rural community of Somaliland going to use the renewable energy, this progress will be positively impact for the availability of cheapest energy service into the people both rural and urban community, at same time the unique natural renewable energy will provides power and  infrastructure development which will  expand all regions of Somaliland for the near future, this renewable energy framework is essential to reduce trouble pollution and deforestation at same time”, Hon Shukri Bandare said.

The Environment Minister issued an ultimatum to all charcoal burners in the country and those who trade in charcoal trade to cease their activities by 1st of November,2015 , anyone caught dealing in the trade shall face prosecution and their commodities confiscated.






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