Somaliland:Egal Airport Acquires Modern fire truck that offers the latest advancements in fire safety technology


a-7By Goth Mohamed Goth

Egal international Airport has rolled out its newest fire truck that offers the latest advancements in fire safety technology during a ceremony presided over by the Minister of Aviation and Air transport Hon Mahmoud Hashi Abdi and the Minister of Finance Hon Abdi Aziz Mohamed Samaale on Wednesday morning in which they jointly commissioned the state of the art firefighting truck which has wide reaching capabilities.

The new Firefighting vehicle which was imported from the UK was bought and paid for by the Ministry of Finance and is first truck to have a high reach extendable turret with a skin-penetrating nozzle that acts as a mechanical arm for firefighters.

The two Ministers were thrilled to live demonstrations of the far-reaching Firefighting capabilities of the newest fire truck that offers the latest advancements in fire safety technology by the well trained crew in an isolated part of the vast compound of the Airport

“We also make sure the crews undergo extensive training and are equipped with the latest technology gear, which you can now see is in place at Egal international airport and although the facility has not had a disastrous event during the last twenty or so years doesn’t stop us from striving for greater safety preparedness in case the worst case situation arrives”, Aviation Minister said.

The Minister of Civil Aviation and Air Transport speaking at the ceremony said, “We have being constant on basis  purchasing of materials for the last four years so as to make sure our crew have what they need to do their job effectively and now we are ranked as one of the most modern airports in the region, this is indicative of how hard the current administration led by HE President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Silanyo is committed to initiating development in each and every sector in the country.dabdamis-300x199

“One of the important thing in airport environment is an Airport Rescue & Fire Fighting, this is the first response in case an emergency at airport or in the vicinity of the airport & When the alarm sounds and aircraft rescue fire fighters (ARFF) are called to duty, they must use the skills they have learned through experience and training to save lives and to protect property”, Aviation Minister said.

This time- and life-saving technology comes with a price and I would like to thank HE President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Silanyo and the Minister of Finance for their generosity and vision of which

The Ministry of Finance Hon Abdiaziz Mohamed Samaale speaking at the venue said, “I am glad to be here today to witness and be part of this event which truly demonstrates the various stages of modernization which the airport has undergone since my comrade and the current Minister of Civil Aviation and Air transport who through his diligence has managed to introduce many different upgrade such as the installation of security fence, expand the airport’s terminal facilities, construction of parking areas and safety areas and the installation of runway light to accommodate nighttime operations just to mention a few and through this kind of progress which really demonstrates President Silanyo campaign pledge to initiated much needed development in every region of the country.



In the 2014 budget we managed to allocated funds for purchasing this new fire truck that offers the latest advancements in fire safety technology after putting into consideration the urgent need for deploying such essential machinery to be used for safety and which also fully demonstrated that the rescue and firefighting services are capable of achieving the safety needs of all those using the Egal international airport.


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