Somaliland:Effect of plastic bottle on the environment


written by  : abdirask Hassan ali [irgin]

‘’  Totality  of nature including plants animals and everything around us is called environment. it is a home of a lot  creatures  as well as human being, despite  this human  activity have been altered the  environment- the alteration of environment is also called disturbance  which is any change brought by intervention of nature system,  the  amongst  is plastic bottles which is used to hold all liquid material   such water, and milk . the plastic bottles were first available  commercially  in the years after second  world war , the costs of these bottles  were relatively expensive  and the  countries like united state were just doing fine with the milkman delivering in glass bottles  and sodas available in returnable  glass bottles . in the 1960   the cost of manufacturing plastic  is dropped sharply and production increased as the  industry expanded, apart from this plastic bottles  have  many advantage  such as being lightweight, cheap easy to shape and hard  to break it  plastic bottle also have two drawbacks  in potentially harming or killing  wild life  when littered  or land filled however, from 1960 through 1990 it seemed  every liquid product become available in a plastic bottle and  the most ubiquitous plastic bottles items have been  water,  despite this Somaliland  is accounts for the countries  whose consumption of plastics is its highest peak  according to[WHO] report ‘’ discarded plastic bags  and containers  represent  the majority of solid wastes  in hargesia’’

As we know the most  obvious form  of pollution  in Somaliland associated  with plastic packaging  is a wasted plastics  sent to landfills, plastics are very stable and therefore stay in the environment  along time  after they are discarded , especially if they are shielded  from direct sunlight  by being buried in landfills, the decomposition rates of these plastics are further decreased by anti-oxidants  that manufacturers commonly add to enhance  a container’s  resistance  to attack by acidic contents also plastic put  a big chemical  burden on the environment  however the increases use of theses plastics may bring the following effects:

It disturbs the food chain: polluting plastics even affect the world’s tinniest organism such as plankton when these organisms become poisoned  due  to plastic ingestion this causes  a problem to the larger animals that depend on them for food , this can cause  a whole slew  of problems each step further along the food chain

Plastics are non biodegradable: plastics is not biodegradable  but photodegradable , and in reality, most of plastics  doesn’t ever disappear  , but becomes long lasting ‘’ plastic dust ‘’ when items like plastic bags  break down  they readily soak up  and releases toxins that  then contaminates soil and water , as well as harming animals  that ingest plastic fragments  and there is no wining , producing recycled  materials  uses copious amount of energy , abetter solution  would be to reduce  use plastics


 It is danger to aquatic life: every square mile of oceans has 46000 pieces  of plastic floating  in it that is why  over a million sea birds , whales , seals , dolphins , sea turtles  and so on die from plastic  debris  that ends up on our oceans  and seas  100, 000 sharks are also  part of the death toll

Ground water pollution: chlorinated plastics  can release harmfull chemicals into the  surrounding soil  which can then seep  into ground water  or other surrounding  and also  the ecosystems  this can cause  serious  harm to the species that drink the water




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