Somaliland:Edna Aden Meets with Members of SL Diaspora living in Canada


494By Goth Mohamed Goth

SomalilandPress-Edna Ismail Aden currently on a working tour in Canada attended a dinner party held in her honor by Somalilanders living in Ottawa, Canada last Sunday.

The chairman of Somaliland diaspora community Mr. Abshir Nur speaking during the dinner held in her honor said, “I have been greatly honored to have you here with today, Edna is seen as a role model for young men and women in Somaliland and as you’re all aware of she with only a few resources, have been able to achieve so much progress, particularly in the training of midwives and other healthcare workers to provide assistance to our remote regions.

In brief impromptu remarks, Edna touched base with the audience on the general economic and social conditions prevailing in Somaliland.

She provided also a detailed account of the recent Somaliland Investment summit in London. Edna urges the diaspora to lobby on behalf of Somaliland whenever the opportunity arises. Case in point, Edna said that during her professional presentations on health and social issues, she always talks up the democratic and human right record of Somaliland to her foreign colleagues.

This approach is slowing bearing, Edna contended, since more and more of her international colleagues are coming to term with the stark differences between Somaliland and Somalia and some even become vocal supporters of Somaliland recognition quest.

Edna Adan Ismail is a Director of the SDC (Somaliland Development Corporation), an organization dedicated to facilitating international investment in Somaliland and the Horn of Africa. She is a UN Diplomat, French Legion of Honor recipient and former Foreign Minister of Somaliland. Edna is also a nurse-midwife whose vision to save the lives of mothers and infants across the Horn region.


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