Somaliland:Drought intensity is severe, but no human lives claimed


The Awdal Regional Governor who officially first went public on the extent and severity of drought that has since spread its wings in expanse has revealed that his region has formally adviced the National Electoral Commission to register absentees displaced by drought once the rains fall and the residents return.

RG Mohammud Ali Suleiman also known as Ramah gave the statement to our sister paper Dawan’s reporter Feisal Hiis Weerar in a telephone interview on Friday.

At the same time the governor revealed that 1700 family households were dispensed with relief foodstuffs on the same and two thousand more were to be disbursed with the same necessary commodities the following day (Saturday).

The items consists of the country’s main staple food of rice, sugar, what floor, dates, cooking oil, soft drinks etc.

“We have distributed relief foods to 1700 families residing at Gorayo-awl, Geed-Tiqsi, Tulli, Sheikh Noor, Jarra-Horato and Magalo-ad”, said governor Ramah.

He acknowledged the fact that the drought was indeed severe but was cautious that “no human lives have been lost so far”.

He said that livestock was lost to the people due to the intensity of the drought.

He said that the region had complaints about the registration voters when asked by the reporter on how it went.

“The registration of voters indeed went well in the region however the emanating complaints have been conveyed to the NEC,” said the governor.

He elaborated that the drought affected the exercises and there was need to carry on with it after the populace displaced returned rainfall in the region.

He said that prayers to God were the only way out to combat the calamity.

Meanwhile the Odweine regional governor Ahmed Mohammed Hashi appealed for relief supplies and water, adds Dawan’s Ahmed M. Suleiman.

“The region is generally a vast one and has been severely hit by the drought”, said the governor.

“The residents are mainly pastoralists and the livestock is currently not marketable”, continues the administrator.


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