Somaliland:Dr. Rajendra K Pachauri addresses the opening of HOA -REM VIII in Hargeisa


11219415_467530463439641_6849652917705226525_nBy Goth Mohamed Goth

Dr. Rajendra K Pachauri, chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which in 2007 shared the Nobel Peace Prize with former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, today served as keynote speaker on the 1st day of The HOA -REM VIII in Somaliland 3-6 Nov.2015 which opened today at the Mansoor Hotel.

HoA-REC&N annually organizes the Horn of Africa – Regional Environment Meeting (HoA-REM). The meeting aims to create a platform where Network members can discuss relevant environmental and other issues of concern for the Horn of Africa region and facilitate the exchange of information and collaboration among the Network members.

This year HoA-REM VIII is being held in Hargeisa, under the theme “Viable Ecosystem & Resilient Green Value Chain Development for Sustainable Livelihood in the Horn Region”. Keeping this theme in mind we truly believe that Somaliland has much to offer in establishing a Viable Ecosystem & providing a Resilient Green Value Chain.

xsadedSomaliland Vice President H.E Abdirahman Abdilahi Ismael opened the HoA-REM VIII meeting whereby he announced a new solar energy initiative  as well a financial relief on energy production costs.

“The government of Somaliland has banned the production and usage of plastic bags and in the past 120 days the country hasn’t produced plastic bags or imported them”, he said.

Hon Shukri H. Ismael, Minster of Environment and Rural Development, cited biodiversity in Somaliland in the 19th and 20th centuries and long road to restore environment during her speech at the opening of the HoA-REM VIII.


Dr. Rajendra K Pachauri, speaking during the second of The HOA -REM VIII in Somaliland said, “I am happy to here in Somaliland, a country which in the past heard I have many good things about.

Dr. Rajendra K Pachauri, speaking during the second of The HOA -REM VIII in Somaliland
Dr. Rajendra K Pachauri, speaking during the second of The HOA -REM VIII in Somaliland

The Nobel Peace prize recipient Dr. Rajendra K Pachauri during his address briefed the participants on the effects of recurring droughts on vulnerable communities in the Horn of Africa region, calling for increased commitment by affected countries and Development Partners to support investments in sustainable development especially in the Arid and Semiarid Lands (and also the whole world.

“We have the means to limit climate change and build a more prosperous, sustainable future” ,Dr. Pachauri added.


About HoA-REC&N

The Horn of Africa Regional Environment Centre and Network (HoA-REC&N) focuses on environmental concerns and sustainable development options within the Horn of Africa. The Centre is an autonomous institution under Addis Ababa University. It facilitates, strengthens and advocates for initiatives related to land use planning, integrated water resources management, ecosystem management, climate change and energy and value chains for sustainable products and services.

The Network, hosted and supported by the Centre, promotes more than 40 endogenous civil society organisations, higher learning institutions and research centers, in Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya,Somalia, South Sudan and Sudan.

The HOA -REM VIII summit which will run from the Somaliland 3-6 Nov.2015 brought together the Somaliland government officials UN and the various stake holders.

About Dr. Rajendra K Pachauri

Dr. Rajendra K Pachauri, Ph.D., is an internationally recognized leader on environmental and energy issues and their policy dimensions.

Dr Pachauri was the Chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the world’s leading intergovernmental organization for the assessment of climate change. He was elected as the Chairman in 2002 and re-elected by acclamation in 2008, and served till February 2015. He served the organization on a voluntary basis.

As CEO of New Delhi-based TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute), Dr Pachauri oversees a staff of more than 1,200 employees engaged in the research and development of solutions to global problems in the fields of energy, environment and current patterns of development.

Based in Geneva, IPCC was established by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) in 1988 to provide the world with internationally coordinated scientific assessments of the magnitude, timing, and potential environmental and socio-economic impact of climate change and their potential response strategies. IPCC, along with former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007.

Dr Pachauri is an economist and industrial engineer by training and has held numerous academic posts in addition to his work with TERI and the IPCC. He has co-authored above 130 papers, a large number of which are peer-reviewed, and written or co-written 27 books, most of them about energy and the environment.




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