Somaliland:Dr. Dr. Mahmoud Sheik Hassan Tani Endorses Jamal Ali Hussein as the Suitable Presidential Candidate


dr-Tani333By Goth Mohamed Goth

Dr. Mahmoud Sheik Hassan Tani, prominent Somaliland academician has endorsed the Justice and Welfare party “UCID “Presidential hopeful Hon Jamal Ali Hussein as the most suitable candidate amongst the three contesting Presidential candidates during a well-attended function held in Toronto , Canada.

Dr. Tani speaking during the occasion said, “Time has come for the current breed of politicians to hand the mantle of leadership to the next generation, today Somaliland needs change and that kind of change can only come if the mantle of leadership is handed to the youth who are undented.

“Today the world has changed and we need to change with it that’s why I urge you to fully rally your support behind Hon Jamaal Ali Hussein a person who record is clean and also has the will power to unite all the communities living in the country”, he said.



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