Somaliland:Dhow carrying 37 Yemeni refugees Docks in the Port of Zeila


RBy Goth Mohamed Goth

Saylac-Arabian dhow carrying at least 7 Yemeni refugees consisting of 37 persons fleeing the conflict in that country on Friday docked in the port of Saylac, Salal region.

Mr. Abdirizaq Wabari the Governor of Salel region speaking to on Friday said, “Dhow carrying 37 refuges of Yemeni origins docked last night in the port of Saylac, the new arrivals made the journey to Somaliland from the beleaguered southern port city of Aden.

“Immediately upon their arrival in with lifesaving necessities and accommodation .The new arrival shall be relocated to a refugee camp in Hargeisa to join fellow Yemeni refuges already settled there”, he said.

The Governor of Salel region added, “The government Somaliland is committed to extend its assistances to Yemeni refugees fleeing the contention in that country.



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