Somaliland:Decentralized Service and District Management




  1. Introduction:


Local governance and service delivery to citizen is the basic element of modern democracy and Governance, citizen Participation in decision making process and determine their representative from their constituencies are the basic right of the population. In the contemporary management of Public service delivery and government Priority Project benefited societies as welfare Prosperity intended quality on effectiveness and efficiencies service Provided by government to the citizens, district management and outreach constituent administrations are the mandate of Ministry of Interior and National Security, decentralized and local district management convergent to the country are one of the main issue that citizen preferred to fueled as the basic living standards of the of the community.


This Paper elaborate the concept of Decentralized Service On District Management, as generally accepted state Province responsible basic Public Service as well as regional administration has the mandate to implement Provision of Public Service delivery to all citizens, what are those service that we want to detailed, The Certain Primary Provision Public Service Including Primary Section Education, Primary Improvement of Health, Availability of Pure Water, Fire Protection Safety, Community Policing, District Police Stations/Centers, Ensuring Internal Security, District Conflict Boundaries and Progress Intending Infrastructure as construction roads and decoration for recreational centers, likewise the some other necessary factors associated with this which Capacity Building of Institutions, Legal Framework, staff knowledge and Institutional Development(roles and responsibilities within the organizational Policies, Standing Rules and the Communication Skill among the different Bureaucratic Position in the Council.


The mandate of the ministry of interior is to supervise and coordinate local government and enhance the knowledge and skill of councilors in Somaliland, the main function of the ministry of interior is provide Technical Assistance, Guidance, Consultation and Coaching Trainings to the Local Government while the Local Authorizes responsible for Provision service in Somaliland districts


The Somaliland Ministry of Interior is responsible for the supervision of Local Governments, designing and implementation of Local Governance Systems, Policies and Legal frameworks, local government capacity development agenda and for ensuring decentralized service delivery at the local level.  The Ministry of Interior under the leadership of the Office of Champion for Local Governance and in collaboration with the Ministerial Committee on Local Governance (IMC), has been in the forefront in the development and approval of the decentralization policy as well as the roadmap for the implementation of the policy. The Ministry also guided the work of consultant who drafted the Capacity Development Strategy (source JPLG)




  1. District Management and Decentralized Service


According to United Nations Joint Program on Local Governance and Decentralized Service Delivery (JPLG) prefect to consider the outcome target of the project in measure annual work plan implementation and spending budget as well as observing indicator shown progress of the program, here I would like to present the best approach in developing district by utilizing projects and building institutionalization of the ministry of interior with collaborating Local Councilors and local authorizes mandate in comprehensive mechanism, Just we need to know what our local councils are need and what their priority in terms of service providing and citizen Orient Public Service and infrastructure development. We need to know the following issue and factor as district facilities and decentralized service

  • Promoting and access equitable Public service delivery to population living in the districts for smooth and Professionalism
  • Establishing constituency representatives and Decentralized Public Service among the stakeholder, Primarily consider of Provision Public Service, Primary health, Primary Education, Public Utilities and so on

JPLG recently Provided trainings on Financial Management, Budgeting Revenue Allocation, Human Resource Management and Administration and Capacity Buildings of Local Councilors Member, Instantly Primary functions need Local Councilors is to strengthen Legal frameworks, Policies Frameworks related to decentralization, improved communication with Public trust and disseminated information to the Public, District Development Plan (DPD) and organizational/Institutional development


  • Institutional Capacity Development


Without the role of Ministry Of Interior and National Security and Local Government Administration, the Somaliland Public service and institutional capacity development would not have been developed, unless otherwise the stakeholders of Public service delivery encourages government performance on the issue (Public Service)”


Taking account the roles and responsibility of central government/ministry of interior is should have in place institutional capacity and Organization development of local government to citizens Priority Projects, Local government has the primary responsibility of service delivery among the district community, as this Local government should have an structure indicating organization chart described positions and roles of each department of the local government compound in order to have


  1. Legal Framework


For the context of Local Governance and service delivery in the Somaliland gradually improved rather than previous and sometime the Local Government Laws was not established, the whole idea of Local Councils and district development is to have legal framework, it is no fully standardized but is under construction and the Legal Framework are Progressively building. it is important to have run the rule of governance Principles for Provisional Service and all Public service and constituent development should have transparent, accountability, participation and rule of law among the citizenship in the towns, this means that all people living in the district have an equal access to kinds of service provided by the local councils as better as good

  1. Recommendations
  1. Local Councilors forward themselves, Trainings and development of decentralization concepts and Legal frameworks of Local government to have effective Provisional Public service delivery among the Citizens
  2. Local Councilors should have to Consider the Initiations of Strategic Plan of Local Government In terms of Administration and Managerial skills of departmental heads and Capacity build of Staff
  3. Governance Principles and democratic Participation to the citizens in the Largest Cities, The Local Government authorizes should have improve governance context to the Community as Transparent, Accountability, Participation and Rule of Law among citizens
  4. The Council should focus Community need as Priority Development Projects (Infrastructures, Constructions roads and Public Service delivery) and Constituencies development.
  5. Improvement of institutional development and Organization structure for the Purpose of roles and responsibilities of each structure( ToR)
  6. Organizing, Coordinating and Mobilizing for the district Community for the development Project as Voluntarism and obligations( Congregate People in district to inform issue and update for the ongoing Projects, as Security, Cleaning Campaigns and so on)





Abdisamad Hassan Mohamed

MA- Public Administration and Management, Uganada- Kampala

Hargeisa- Somaliland


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