Somaliland:Dear old guards and their polarized supporters,


Open Invitation: We’re unreservedly grateful for all you’ve done in your previous, but it’s time to Join our esteemed Gurti with grace to learn a thing or two from  our rather sane elders  –  on a second thought, let’s scratch that or at least shelf it until further notice since adrenalines are in high flex.  

 I’ve been keenly observing for one thing in the past few days: to come across one Somaliland commentator giving a fair opinion on Kulmiye internal feuding. it’s unfortunate that even our press can’t stomach striking a sober tone in one party’s scuffle.  Both men are our heroes; one has achieved his ambition while the other one is on the trail of it. My father was one among the many foot soldiers who fought along side both guys – I’m proud of him too and I love both of them. so, I am going to take a political position rather a tribal affiliation mimicry. Do we have to take sides and succumb to our internal tribal feelings (one for your curiosity – I’m Sacad Muse, never met anyone of them, seen both of them from a distance) to solve an insolvably dangerous situation? I would like to hit both guys and their fragmented supporters – of course along tribal lines.

A)To Mr. Bixi’s dismay, Silanyo played a smart card by sending mixed signals to Bixi  in that he would not be running for a second term and Mr. Bixi took the bait -he was neither promised in writing nor in a gentleman’s agreement or silanyo reneged on it – regardless, that is politics between two guys in the same party ( I refuse to elevated  it to a tribal level, but that is me). Counting on silanyo’s advanced age should never have been a viable political strategy to begin with.  Sorry Adeero, politics is dirtier than your sincere and selfless effort to liberate your people by the bullet (now win their vote)

B) Bixi should refrain from becoming the law of the land by trying to limit presidential term limit and should not destroy the party by demolishing all the walls of conventionality by challenging a sitting president (I’m not kulmiye either).

             Now let’s talk to other side of the scale (sorry, Burco-not talking to you)

A) Mr. president, don’t throw too many stones because in Somaliland the bark stops at you and your actions – legal or otherwise – will be taken out of proportion so exercise caution regardless of what political position you take on Mr. Bixi’s ambition- don’t forget you’ve served this country so many times in so many capacities (fact) and at least as far I am concerned it’s very hard to “hate” you. I will never forget the tone of concern for your people in an editorial you penned in a now defunct magazine called African Events in mid ’80s (ok. I was in grade 5 and I had to look up so many of the words). I am someone who never met you, but always under fire for defending you, not because I love you more than most Somaliland leaders, but because you relatively out-performed your entire predecessor combined. Where am I going with all these derivations? Don’t squander it.

B) Be realistic and if you know from the bottom of your heart that a second grueling campaigning will take serious toll on your health, make it an transition by disregarding all the bugs so many of you sycophants (not in the negative sense) are putting in your ears – you’re not stranger to slowing your pride and we’re better off because of the humiliating moments to with a stride (do I need to mention them)

C) To fire (I mean firing) one of your kitchen cabinets is your presidential prerogatives when they pledge their allegiance to someone other than the person they owe their job (one of them is close relative – oops), but you’ve to find a way of suppressing the rumors that the terminations themselves are arbitrary decisions perpetuated by others be being transparent and doing in public. I would take humiliating them rather than fueling those ridiculous rumors swirling euphoric chewing sessions.

Again, always remember you’ve swallowed your pride before and it superbly worked to the betterment of everyone’s general welfare, whether they give you credit or not. And, I’m not implying anything here.


M.F. Adan ‘Hudi’ 

Seattle, USA


kulmiye headquaters


  1. We’ll written mate how refreshing. Articles on Somalilandless have lately been negative. Or bias. A little message of advise will suffice rather than paragraphs and paragraphs of insult.

  2. Criticism of democracy of Silaanyo government in Somaliland is witnessing irrational tribal belongs within the party memberships, and the efficiency of the Government is eroding within itself like UDUB party in 2008 what is surprise me is the lack of political education of ministers of Silaanyo and the party Kulmiye members themselves when the dispute has gone to civil unrest like Shaani-explosion. The Somaliland population are not benefitting’s between the two camps within Kulmiye. One thing is sure the political instability of Kulmiye has showed that this party was walking a thin line since their creation. Their thirst for power has create a decline of the institutions of Somaliland within the Parliament and the majority of Somaliland felt a oppression specially from the Minister-president Xirsi and their ministers since 2010 where the majority of the free press were sterilised from the main stream so Kulmiye become the uncontested good party of whole Somaliland without the right full position of opposition parties. Hargeisa people are living under fear since 2010 the violation of property rights and the role dead of republicanism in Somaliland start by the birth of Somaliland in 1991. As Somaliland citizens worldwide, we reject the corruption within democratic government of Silaanyo. We must also warn the rest of Somaliland POPULATION against the volatility and unsustainability of tribal belongs in 21 century of Somaliland.

  3. Beautiful sentiment. True Lander. Respect to you Mr Hudi. What an antidote to all the vicious candhabuur-like clan catfighting that we are normally subjected to on Somaliland websites. I too respect both men. Equally although I am getting disappointed with Silanyo for his lack of vision and leadership. But who knows Bihi might not do better if he came to power. Whatever the case Muj Bihi and Muj Kahin are making a huge mistake and doing their names and history a great disservice by so openly challenging a sitting president from their own party. It is always seen as treachery in democratic parties and those who do the treachery never succeed.
    There is a saying ” He Who Wields the Sword Never Wears The Crown”. Muj Bihi needs to heed that advice immediately


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