Somaliland:Dahabshill Donates $25,000 Dollars towards the Construction of the Allaybaday/Arabsiyo Asphalt Road



By Goth Mohamed Goth

Mr. Abdurrahman Ali Abdi, the country managing director of Dahabshiil Africa’s largest money remittance company presented donation worth $25,000 towards the construction of the construction of the asphalt road between Allaybaday and Arabsiyo.

During a formal ceremony held in the office of the managing director on Sunday 29/06/2014, the Dahabshill official which he emphasized that it was a privilege for Dahabshiil group to contribute to such development project that will benefit the community socially and economically which is part of the local community’s self-help initiatives and our hope our donation shall provide meaningful solutions to the prioritized development needs in the country.

“It is our great pleasure to be contributing towards the constructing this important road and we have in the past being working together with various communities all over the country,” he said. “The developed countries did not prosper with something that was brought to them, but by the desire of its citizens to develop their countries.”

The MD added although the company’s contribution was just a fraction of what is needed to complete the construction of the road will encourage more; it will encourage the community to support the project to complete the rest of the road.d3

Chief Aqil Mohamed Yusuf Aden, the deputy chairman of the road fundraising committee on behalf of the community expressed appreciation and said the donation will truly have a profound impact on the community at large.

“it’s almost impossible to put in words our gratitude for the company’s noble gesture since it’s the first private company to respond the community appeals for the donation towards the construction of the road ,” Chief Agil Mohamed Yusuf said.

Mr. Mooge Ali Yusuf a community elder who was present during the ceremony praised the company’s speedy response compared to others who waste precious time in responding, he went on to urge members of community at large to partake and contribute to the construction of the asphalt road between Allaybaday and Arabsiyo.

We as a community feel that we have been greatly honored by your noble gesture and today being the first day of the holy month of Ramadan signifies not only the financial aspects of things but also as blessing from Dahabshil towards construction of the road.

The former director of Somaliland civil service commission Mr. Muhumed Aw Abdi speaking at the handing over event said, “Todays contribution shall be written in the golden pages of the history this country.

Among the dignitaries present during the handing over event were top company officials lead by the general managing director Mr. Abdurrahman Ali Abdi, Mr. Ahmed Farah, Head of human resources section, Head of the public relations section Prof .Hassan Jama “Heiss”, Mr. Mohamed Jama Jiir of finance section and Mr. Hassan Qumaan (Real estate section) and also present at the event members of the construction of Allaybaday and Arabsiyo road fundraising committee Chief Aqil Mohamed Yusuf Aden, Mr. Muhumed Aw Abdi, Mr. Mooge Ali Yusuf and Mr. Ahmed Abdi Bakaal the Chairman of Somaliland red crescent society.


  1. Dahab sheel presented donation worth 25,000$ to near by village in Hargesia.(ARABSEYO 4 ROAD PAVEMENT ) WHAT I want to ask it is correct Dahabsheel donating and at same time criticized his own clan or Tribe??did he deserve insulting and criticizing
    because of his clan or Selanyo ( President)????? who in history of somaliland business person over any donation to any part of Somaliland while more then 100 or more business companies operate in somaliland .and never donate a large amount like dahabsheel .
    empty words never feed a hungry person. WE NEED ACTION NOT WORDS.TO DEVELOP the Nation .mean while ur Country interest is above all .(independence road map is our target )
    bye 4 alll
    NO Feeling plse .RAMADAN KAREEM


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