Somaliland:Dahabshiil Group lauded for its role in supporting the Drought Relief & Recovery efforts


Dahabshiil Group of firms was lauded for its visible support to drought relief and recovery activities carried out in the span of two years to save over 1,000,000 drought-devastated inhabitants from certain demise since 2016.

At an Iftar ceremony held at the Presidential Palace where the Somaliland National Drought Recovery (formerly ‘Relief’) Committee (SNDRC) returned accounts of revenue and expenditure of the funds put at its disposal, Dahabshiil was warmly lauded for its frontline response to the appeal of support that His Excellency the President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud ‘Siilaanyo’ called, and which was subsequently echoed by the Committee throughout its tenure.

The SNDRC presented detailed accounts of how it spent the funds it administered. The Committee stated that US$ 7,380,309.75 were collected on two separate campaigns the first of which was last year during which a sum of $2,573,999.85 was realised. In this first campaign, Somalia and its people participated.

The  amount, the SNDRC said, was mostly spent solely on relief efforts: feeding, water-trucking, transportation of weakened livestock, medical supplies, etc., and that US $354,886.59 was left over.


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