Somaliland:Criticisms, yes, but do it constructively


Critiques can only be worth their cue if they are responsibly, intellectually ad constructively done.

The latest vehemence spit by Presidential spokesman carries water because, if not checked, we are sliding into barbarism, savagery, bigotry, hypocrisy etc at a break neck speed.

We have lately seen gutter presses that have spread malice, lies, bigotry, tribalism, and a wide range of libelous articles one can think of without impunity.

Similarly, people with supposed eminent personality cults who would have otherwise been role modals have been spewing same such trash, again without being checked. This has to be stopped somehow.

The saddest thing is that we have almost accepted or embraced such misdemeanor of arrogance to an extent that it has almost, again, been burrowed, engraved and bonded into our social culture.

How? We talk about them as they happen by joking happily about them in our chit-chats wherever and wherever we are hence forget about it faster than envisioned.

With slight smiles of mirth and simple laughs, we fail to comprehend how the social fabrics on our behaviors rot hence go down the drains.

Most certainly than not, our malice are tailored to cause discord, set communities against each other, exacerbate rivalry and try to raise tribalism ideologies above those of the state.

In other words, it is tantamount to retrogressing back to the doldrums of barbarism and savagery whereby civility codes are absent.

With that much said, we herein remind Somalilanders that we say NO to the trend and throw barbs to the doomsayers.

We should not be hypocrites; otherwise there is no use of calling one a Muslim if one practices hypocrisy.

The truth is that the majority of the media (electronic) fraternity, so called politicians and way-ward tribalism and clannish minded individuals have tried, and still in the process doing their best to use archaic means of reaping what they have not sown.

Just as we hoped, prayed and wished for last week in this column do we appeal for this week as concerns upright mindedness, orderliness, righteousness, sincerity, faithfulness, diligence, stability, unity and solidarity.

We hope and wish that all Somalilnaders will be blessed during this Holy month of Ramadan that commences today to be in clean in thought, word and deed.

Let’s all fortify our faith and pep up our aspirations for the good of our posterity.






  1. “constructively ” he says and then proceeds to be ..unconstructive. More or less in the next line.”savagery, barbarity..bigotry” You dont say…
    Not very constructive is it Mr Writer? How about trying to use a more, how shall we put it..temperate language perhaps? what do yiou think? I hope this criticism is constructive.

    • What do you expect from someone who is not a patriot, who is everything else. Hypocrite who is happy seeing his homeland being misappropriated by view but is still ready defending them, so his defense sends a signal to Somalilanders. It shows that these hypocrites writing such bullshit here shouldn’t be trusted, as they have a hidden agenda to push through, disguise them selves as defenders of the government when they should be defending the Homeland and their nation.

  2. “for the good of our posterity..” The muscles in my stomach hurt. My yes ran out of tears.. I have not had such a laugh for so long in years. Bliss.
    Thank you writer.


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