Somaliland:Court remands the 4 Horn Stars Band singers in Police Custody


somaliland_-HornStarsBy Goth Mohamed Goth

The Four detained Horn Band singers earlier today for the first time since their arrest three days ago (Sunday) appeared before a hargeisa court for the mentioning of their case.

The presiding Judge remanded the four singers for one week each after considering request from the prosecution for more time to put the case together.

According to reports carried in “Waaheen” a local a Somali language newspaper alleged that four Horn Band singers notably Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Bakaal Aka “Cirro” and Mr. Abdurrahman Aidiid Abdi Aka “Oday” civil servants in Somaliland government (Police Department) while the Mr. Nimcan Hilac and Ms. Hamda Queen were Ministry of Information and National Guidance staff this contrary earlier statement by the band leader Songwriter Mr. Hassan Saleban Dhuhul locally known as Labsalah who clearly stated none of the four Horn band members served in the Somaliland civil services.

Four Hargeisa-based Horn Stars band musicians were arrested last week soon upon their arrival at Egal International airport in Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland.

The Horn Stars band came to prominence few years ago with the helping of main promoter back then the private owned Horn Cable Television group which they later part ways before joining Ministry of Information and National Guidance.

The case has attracted audience from almost all Somali speaking regions.



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