Somaliland:Court Condemns Policeman to Death over the Murder of Civilian


By Goth Mohamed Goth

A military court has today sentenced a policeman to death after been found guilty for the cold blood murder of a civilian driver driving along the Dawga Cad Highway nearly four months ago.

The police officer who goes by the name of Abdi Hakim Ma Dhagayste committed the crime while off duty at the Dawga Cad highway which links Somaliland and the neighboring Djibouti while trying to prevent the deceased driver from using the highway which was at the time under construction.

The condemned officer at the time of the murder used unnecessary force of arms in a bid to deter the deceased driver while enforcing a blockade imposed on motorists using the highway by the committee tasked with the construction without prior knowledge of his superiors hence working outside the jurisdiction of the police force.

The Deceased man was a driver of public vehicles which are used to ferry passengers and goods between Somaliland and neighboring Djibouti.




  1. What Military court are you folks talking about? This is purely a Criminal Civil case thru the
    Judicial systems unless the Policeman was a Military Policeman and not Civilian Policeman.
    Give us a break many articles using your systems are badly
    incomprehensibly reported with too many loopholes.

    • kkkkkkkkkk somalis seem to getting too soft these days. Should be a full public excution the people of the city are forced to watch

      • What are you going to get someone is been excuted in front of you? his death is not going to bring back the deceased? we Somalis have enough death for years and no one wants more .


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