Somaliland:Constitutional laws and regulations on societies must be reviewed in alignments to international norms



The new trends our parties are taking are a serious nose-dives towards the dismantling of genuine electoral processes that has been hitherto established.

What has just transpired within the UCID corner of the boxing stage is just not confounding or perplexing, but may indeed be wholly termed as a serous abuse to the whole democratization and electioneering processes. It may have more than meets the eyes.

As the resultant situation on the ground is, a serious dis-service is being subjected to the members of the public who are at a loss in every essence of the politicking games.

For one they do not know who they should go to or who is supposed to be the watchdog who disciplines wayward political parties.

For another, they do not know how they can arrest the situation and bring back things to order.

Of course party bigwigs have no any right whatsoever to bring forth petty and loose talk that renders the processes asunder. When we stop for a moment and decide to ask ourselves what is really the core matter, what comes out definitely is an ugly fact.

In essence, the problem is bigger than what may be entailed in one social organization or two.

Thus, almost all of our associations do not conform to nor articulate their regulations to those spelt out and expected in international norms and standards.

Ours are not at par with international associations Acts and regulations to which our country boasts of being affiliated to. If anything, ours go against those of the Geneva or other internationally binding conventions, rules or constitutions.

We have hundreds of local NGOs that are registered here but almost none has its regulations conforming to international standards; nor does none adhere to their own regulations!

It is as if our regulations belong to individuals and are either carried in briefcases or in chest-pockets.

We say so because the way they behave and conduct their-selves have in a manner that suggests so.

In the same way, our local professional associations do not aspire to nor conform to the obligatory standards expected internationally to earn deserved respect; and if they do, ironically, they are not adhered to.

Now when it comes to official political parties, such uncommon-sensical mindsets should not be allowed.

The political parties are not (basically as commonly experienced) mere local NGOs meant to fill up certain individual’s pocket linings in the name of soliciting for developmental funds.

They are indeed a part and parcel of the general political axles whose gears roll the bearings of the transmission of the whole unit of the national progressive movement.

Sanity must be brought back to UCID immediately for the sake of the democratization processes.

If need be, (and there is) legislation should be formulated to discipline such gross errs perpetrated in such organizations. Better still our own Societies Acts in and of the general statutory constitution should be reviewed, streamlined and or amended to serve the interests of the members of the public with the seriousness it deserves.

The people are only standing by, staring, at their own peril just as the whole nation is.

Loose talk of marginalization or polarization of individuals or communities is just un-acceptable; unless there something else drastic in the offing, may God forbid.

People are obligated to stand for and by Somaliland at all times; and that is what we hearken to.


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