Somaliland:Coastal Guards Commander Refutes shooting Allegations Involving his Officers


somaliland-coastguard1By Goth Mohamed Goth

The commander of Somaliland Coastal Guards Admiral Ahmed Aw Osman has staunchly denied reports carried by a section of media which alleged that a marine officer assigned to Saylac coastal guards station had opened fire with an intention to harm the Mayor of saylac.

Admiral Ahmed Aw Osman briefing the media at his offices today said, I was shocked to see the false report on the mainstream media , this prompted me to call the Mayor of Saylac to personally inquire if such an incident took place but he also was astonished when i informed him of the wild allegations and denied knowledge of any shooting incidents taking place.

When asked if he would press charges the head of the coastal guards had this to say ,I would rather leave that to Mayor of Saylac to decide the next course of action ,my duty was to clarify if such incident ever took.

Admiral Ahmed urged local reporters to always verify the source of their information before reporting the news and instead to adhere to ethical standards and accountability of journalists and news outlets.


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