Somaliland:Cirro Call for the Number of Commissioners to be increased from 7 to 9


By Goth Mohamed Goth

The speaker of the national assembly and the Chairman of WADDAN Hon Abdirahman Mohamed Abdillahi ¨Cirro¨ has once again calls for an increase of the current number of commissioners in the national electoral Commision.

The speaker of the national assembly posted the remarks on his facebook post and is said to have urged the national electoral commission to consider an increase the number of current number of commissioners.

The brief statement posted in the politician social website read as follows:

Ref: Advice:

I would like to propose and state the need for additional NEC Commissioners from the current 7 commissioners to 9 Commissioners so as to ease their tasks on the day of voting.

The chairman of WADDANI went on to state the need of posting 1 commissioner for the six regions and three commissioners at the national electoral Commission’s headquarters istead of the current 1 commissioner.

The chairman of WADDANI has made the same proposal for the second time this month.10487431_10152346567004425_336963644419357806_n



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