Somaliland:Change of Guard at Ministry of Information National Guidance and Culture


Minister of Information national guidance and culture has stated that it was upon his volition as per his portfolio his to transfer as replace any departmental head.

The minister was answering to claims by the just sacked Somaliland national Television head Khadar Akule who claimed on Friday that he did not recognize the ministers move to lay him off.

In a local media report monitored yesterday by the, the Minister made it quite clean that the had made it quite clean in circular that the pubic television and its various agencies as the news one as the newspapers division will come under the Ministry hence, by this automatically can be made departments.

The minister said that it was through such restructuring of its human resource administration that he took the steps to streamline the expediency and services rendered by the ministry.

The minister had earlier on made changes that touched on the major sections of the ministry.

Hon. Guri barwaqo had made it clear in a circular effecting the changes on Thursday that he had found the human resource management in the ministry as having collapsed completely hence he had to streamline it.

In the changes the minister did away with, several ministerial advisors, several posts and lamped some sections together.

Musa Jambir SLNTV – Director

Omar Mohamed Farah- Somaliland News  Agency Director

Muna Mohamed – Deputy

Mohamed Ahmed Jama – Director Newspapers Department

Dahir Mohamoud Hadi – Deputy Director

Deeq Aw Ali – Director Films and Production Department

Hussein Kurdi – Dep Director

Technical Department – Director Mohamed Mohamoud Mijir

Administration Department – Head of Personel  Maryan Diriye

Deputy Head of Personell Filsan Mohamed Osman

Cashier – Deeqa Ahmed

Clerk – Sofia Ahmed Salah

Ministerial Editorial Board  Head – Shukri Harir Ismail

Deputy- Mohamed H. A. Wejie


  • Said Ali Egge
  • Sofia Ali Yusuf
  • Hussein Abdillahi
  • Yasmin Ahmed
  • Hussein Aw Jama

Planning department – Feysal Adan



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