Somaliland:Chairman Muse Bihi accepts Guurti Conciliatory Committee Resolutions



By Goth Mohamed Goth

The chairman of the ruling party KULMIYE Hon Muse Bihi Abdi has accepted the Guurtis conciliatory committee resolutions aimed at ending the long infighting in the party during a meeting held at the Presidential palace.

President Silanyo when asked if he had any reservations before the resolutions were read had this to say, “I do accept all the resolutions of the Guurtis conciliatory committee.

Hon Muse Bihi Abdi speaking at the venue said, “There is little or nothing in for me in this resolutions and although I must admit it’s so hard for me to swallow this bitter bill, I do accept the Guurtis conciliatory committee resolution for the sake of the nation.

The Chairman of the ruling party also went on to say, “Sometimes it may take a long time to solve highly contested issues but at the end one must accept the outcomes even if it hard for them to accept but for the sake of the nation and for the greater good, although there is nothing in resolution for me, I do accept as they‘re.


  1. bihi bites the dust out twitted and out gunned by sillanyo the great but the bitter taste created by this raw has convinced many one is only after power not to share but for clan prestige only, those who put faith in sillanyo can now see his true colours.yhey are tasting a sweet cake in tearms of somaliland resources and have made it for granted somaliland and hope people have for a nation are not central.

    • Learn little english first mista far hunguri that can be understood, before rushing to the fray. You miserable pal!

  2. the people of somaliland can chose a government that is transparent and democratic inthe up coming election or stick with silanyo,hirsi and give me something friends that will be a complete wait of time.

    • Stick to who? the sinking ship? forget it mista clannist, this old man is not gonna make it after he defecated in his hosts dinning hall. Somaliland on the other hand can offer many real leaderships other than lazy old man who is strangulating the whole nation for his own greed. I expected you to advise him to retire little earlier since he is not doing the country and the nation any good, but unfortunately you turned out to another clannist only!

  3. Thank you Muj Bihi. You saved the country you fought for from chaos. The antion will always be grateful to you for this but I am absolutely intrigued by your impatience. Why did you even think about challenging your own man?
    You are not even 60 yet so you have plenty of time to build your political base within the party, bide your time, keeo fixed smile and strong handshake even to your enemies and then fight for the crowm five years from now.
    What is the rush? This puts question mark on your otherwise unblemished character. But I am sure you will overcome it.


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