Somaliland:Brig Gen Xudun Concludes Inspection of correctional facilities in Eastern Regions


xudhuun1By Goth Mohamed Goth

The commanding officer of Somaliland Custodial corps Brigadier General Mohamed Osman Ibrahim “Xudun” embarked on a fact-finding mission on the conditions of correctional facilities in Sool,Sanaag and Togdheer regions.

Major Jama Baadi Awad, commanding officer in charge of custodial corps Togdheer region and Burao main prison , after the usual welcoming formalities briefed the visiting Commander of Somaliland custodial corps on the state of affairs.

Brigadier General Mohamed Osman Ibrahim “Xudun” speaking during the vist to Burao main jail said, “We plan to introduce measures which will help producing a safer and more stable environment for both prison staffers and offenders and which include providing of adequate provision of accommodation, hygienic conditions, clothing and bedding, food and exercise.

“I am also aware of reservation on the part of officers regarding the issue of newly awarding of promotions of ranks, I assure all those concerned that their grievances shall be addressed in due time you”, he said.

The head of the custodial corps during the assessment toured of the Las Anod central prison which is the main correctional facility in Sool region which was followed by a visit of the main hospital and other governmental facilities in the region.




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