Somaliland:Book Presentation & traditional dance at Hargeysa Cultural Center


Event: Book Presentation and Traditional Dance
Author: Faarax Maxamuud
Respondent: Deeqa Ismaacill Cabdi
Chair: Saddaam Xuseen Carab
Time: Tonight, Wednesday 24 December, 18.30.
Guest artist: Sahra Ilays with Hiddo Academy team

Saxarla is historical fiction novel about a young girl who lost her mother at the age of 6, after she died at birth. After Saxarla’s
mother, Weris (Shan-ka-roon) passed away, her father, Sandulle Naxar married a young woman to replace Saxarla’s mother! Saxarla born in the countryside (miyi) and lived with her spiteful step-mother for few
years, and She was constantly abused and starved.

After she couldn’t take anymore this difficult life, she finally decided to run away at the age of 8 and join her aunt (habaryar) and
grandfather (awoowe) in Mogadishu. When Saxarla arrived in Mogadishu, she didn’t know how to find and her habaryar and awoowe and she became a homeless wondering in the mean streets of Mogadishu.

After Saxarla found her habaryar, Adar Duwane, Adar was not a kind of habaryar Saxarla expected, she was most abusive woman on earth, and Saxarla suffered under the hands of Adar Duwane untill the age of 18th when she married her off to not smart cousin (inaabti), Ali Aboor.

This is story will make you carry as a reader. It creates many questions about our culture, how children are treated, justice, rule
of law and the Somali political struggle from Siad Barre regime to Opposition groups. As a historical fictional novel, Saxarla will remind you all bad things that happen in this period. It reminds the young generations what went wrong and encourages young girls who lost their mothers to be self confident and have faith and trust for themselves!

See you all there,

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