Somaliland:Bihi Younis and Samaale Publicly Prove False Alleged Intentions to Run against President Silanyo in the Next Elections

Samaale and Bihi Yunis
Samaale and Bihi Yunis
Samaale and Bihi Yunis

By Goth Mohamed Goth

SomalilandPress-Somaliland Minister of Foreign Affairs and International cooperation Hon Mohamed Bihi Yunis and Minister of Finance Abdi Aziz Mohamed Samaale today speaking at a function held today in declared their unwavering support for the candidacy of current President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Silanyo come next General Election.

The two cabinet Ministers meet with fellow clansmen (Sacad Muse) during to discuss which candidate to choose in the next general election which is due to be held in the country in June 2015.

Hon Bihi Yonis speaking at the function said, “I am glad we have meet today to jointly declare our unwavering supporting one block for H.E President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Silanyo and also to be united in the voice in the search of our independence and our national development.

On his part the Finance Minister Hon Mohamed Samaale said, “As my fellow Minister (Bihi Yonis) just said, today we come together to dispel unfounded street rumors that allege there are two cabinet minister from ruling party (KULMIYE) who shall be nominated by the Sacad Muse clan as Presidential candidates who will be running in the next general elections and let me make clear one thing we have no intentions of running against him and that we shall support him come next year.

“I want to reiterate once again that our full support goes to President Silanyo and that he our choice for the last 5 years was and still is he will be our choice for the next 5 years, the flame bearer of the ruling party (KULMIYE) and we are certain that he will win the next general election”, Hon Samaale said.


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