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Published On: Sat, Sep 30th, 2017

Somaliland:Bihi names Kulmiye campaign teams

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 By M.A. Egge

The chairman of the ruling party, who is also the flag bearer in the forthcoming presidential election, Mr. Muse Bihi Abdi has named the elections campaign teams for four major regions.

In a press release issued yesterday the presidential contender noted that the chairmen of every regoinal committee will also act as the team secretaries.

He further said that the teams to be charged with the task in the remaining regions would be named in due course.

The list comprising of roughly a couple of dozen per region for Marodijeh, Togdher, Awdal and Sahil are as follows:

Marodi-jeh Region:

  1. Ahmed Abdi Kijandhe – Chairman
  2. Abdillahi Farah Abbdi Deputy
  3. Maxamed Iid Dimbil
  4. Mohamed Aw Aden Wairah
  5. Abdillahi Ismael Abdi
  6. Mohamed Ahmed Alin (Timbaro)
  7. Rashid Ahmed Dirie (Assair)
  8. Mohamud Jama Warfaa
  9. Hussein Ibrahim Buni
  10. Abdirahman Cismaan Caalin
  11. Cabdirahman Mohamud Aidid
  12. Abdillahi Abdi Egge
  13. Mohamed Abdi Osman (Jiir)
  14. Ahmed Abdi Dad (Sudi)
  15. Osman Abdillahi Hirad
  16. Yusuf Osman Jan-yar
  17. Ilyas Hussein Jamac
  18. Abdihakim Said Bustale
  19. Sitin Hassan Jama
  20. Yurub Abib Abdi
  21. Fatuma Yusuf Osman
  22. Kin Hussein Madar
  23. Nasra Mohamed Abdillahi



 Togdheer Region:

  1. Jama H. Ahmed Abdi – Chairman
  2. Mustaffa Mohammed Ahmed – deputy
  3. Hassan Abdillahi Ahmed (Hassan Matan)
  4. Mohammed Abdirahman Burale
  5. Dayib Hassan Ahmed
  6. Mohamud Ismael Bede
  7. Abdillahi Ismael Farah
  8. Mubarak Ismael Haji Adam
  9. Saleban Abdi H. Abdillahi
  10. Yuusuf Maxamed Cariish
  11. Aadam Ciise Maxamed
  12. Faarax Ismaaciil Shire
  13. Fawsi Cabdillaahi Dirir
  14. Cabdinaasir Axmed Xirsi
  15. Maxamed Cabdillaahi Siciid
  16. Mubaarak Yuusuf Cilmi
  17. Mahad Maxamed Cawaale
  18. Cabdiqani Axmed Khaliif
  19. Mubaarak Cabdi Qaybdiid
  20. Farxaan Maxamed Cabdi
  21. Abdi Ahmed Said
  22. Abdo Ahmed Ayir
  23. Hassan Osman Ismael
  24. Deka Mohammed Bihi
  25. Busad Said Kabade
  26. Halima Hussein Yusuf
  27. Sabad Aar Kahin
  28. Nura Yasiin Ali


Awdal Region:

  1. Ahmed Haji Dahir Elmi – Chairman
  2. Mohammed Ibrahim Madar – Deputy
  3. Abdikadir Dahir Ahmed
  4. Ahmed Yasiin Sh. Ali Ayanle
  5. Mohammed Abdillahi Obsiye
  6. Abdillahi Ibrahim Habane
  7. Abdirissak Waberi Roble
  8. Mustaffa Farah Abrar
  9. Osman Hassan Aw Ali
  10. Mahdi Xussien Adar
  11. Muse Osman Degowaine
  12. Ayan Ali Omar
  13. Ali Hamud Jibril
  14. Kadra Ibrahim Abdalla
  15. Abdi Said Fahie
  16. Mohammed Dayib Sh. Jama
  17. Nuh Dahir Amud
  18. Mustaffa Ali Nur
  19. Mohammed Hussein Maidane
  20. Hibo Mohammed Dere
  21. Roda Ali Nur
  22. Sirad Abdillahi Elmi
  23. Deka Farah Adawe
  24. Rahma Abdi Dimbil


Sahil Region:

  1. Abdillahi Abokor Osman – Chairman
  2. Mohammed Roble Dirie – Deputy
  3. Yusuf Ahmed Mohammed (Hala’)
  4. Omar Adan Kahin
  5. Hussein Jama Warsame
  6. Mustafa Hassan Osman
  7. abdirahman Awil Hassan
  8. Mohammed Omar Ahmed
  9. Ibrahim H. Abdi Elmi (Dufaan)
  10. Osman Abdi Barkhadle
  11. Ali Isssa Haji Hersi
  12. Yusuf Ali Nur
  13. Roda Ahmed Yasin
  14. Khadar Mohammed Taako
  15. Mohammed Abdillahi Abdi
  16. Mawlid Adan Jama
  17. Abdirashid Abdillahi Muse
  18. Halima Hussein Yusuf
  19. Mohammed Dahir Hassan
  20. Ali Jama Arrale (Ali Qaran)
  21. Mohammed Ahmed Ismael
  22. Abdillahi Ali Hersi
  23. Mohammed H.Mohamud Mohameed


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