Somaliland:Bihi-Kahin move quite bizarre for any ruling party anywhere!


bihi -kahin

It needs no further explanation when the President decides to brave all weathers and for the umpteenth time, as he has always done, engage in another unprecedented move.

Nowhere on earth have we seen a seating administration running a government face opposition from/in its own backyard with belligerents wanting to overthrow the seating, thus publicly elected, President!

This is no equivalent of a Tory head being replaced as party chair hence by extension, the premiership as was the UK case when John Major replaced Margaret Thatcher.

Our constitution does not have an article which spells for the allowance of change of guard in the party which in turn, for a ruling party, expressly replaces the PM.

Our President was voted for and in to the statehouses by the populace.

The parallel should be outlined herein that when the Tories replaced Thatcher, it was squarely because they feared that she wouldn’t be able to lead them into an unprecedented fourth term to office following the long industrial riots.

They did not do so because of tribal Scottish/ English/Welsh or Irish whims.

They did not do it because of perceived love-lost or associated belligerences or factional tag-of-wars within their own party.

They did not do so because of the feeling that the country belonged to them as their own personal property.

Rather, the UK people did so because of the solid trust they had in their party and people whilst unified and because their laws and constitutions likewise allowed them to do so.

 However when the power of the ballots of the mainstream population decided who  should occupy the top-most hot seat, there has never been any political party (ruling) anywhere on earth which “Impeached” its own elected national CEO by subjecting him/her to the party rigours!

What the Muse Bihi faction has done will definitely go down in history as the darkest days for democratically elected ruling parties.

They have decided to challenge the national CEO by trying to deny him his democratically constitutional right of a second term incumbency not because they love their party or country at all. The overly uncommonsensical move they have done only weakens the ruling party before its own eyes and those of its challengers. Don’t they see this? Surely, we believe that they do hence to engage into such naivety, we believe again, has to it more than meets the eyes.

However, the President has bravely risen to the occasion and accepted the bizarre challenge from his own backyard. Of course the confidence he exudes is quite tangible for it is backed with widespread support.

Political pundits and observers have been confounded by the childish move to hurt KULMIYE.

It is also seen as an abuse to the brains, minds, souls and emotions of Somalilanders wherever they are.

All voices without reasons that think this is democracy at its height are equally not true to KULMIYE members.

You can not weaken a party and at the same time assumedly claim that you are building it “in the name of democracy”!

The President’s support is wide and he should rather be supported against Wadani and Ucid.


  1. I wonder why you don’t want this article to be attributed to you by not giving your name here. I don’t need to tell you how old the president is as well as the fact any member of the party can declare interest is running for the party’s candidacy. This is quite common in a democracy, let alone the (gentlemanly) deals done behind close doors four years ago.

    What most people object to is silencing of the media and opposition within the party using the government resources. This is not a dictatorship or at least I like to think that way. The long and short of it is that this president will be in his 90s if he gets another term.

    • We the somaliland public cant have a retard as president simple as that they should put it in the constitution over 70 take a pension and retire mate u not fooling nobody ur time is up bow out gracefully dont hug the seat dosent belong to you or your tribe belongs to a whole nation hirsi gab time as pretender to the throne is up move over mujahid muse bihi time is here and there is nothing anybody in somaliland can do about it so l sugest u get down with the program or u will b laid down permenently

  2. jimmy carter was challenged for the party nomination by ted Kennedy in 1980, linden Johnson was challenged by Robert Kennedy in 1968 nomination, so Mr sillanyo put up or quit like president Johnson. Mr sillanyo knows he will loose because he has not got the number and in democracy you need numbers to win elections so spare us the kicks of a dying donkey!

    • Those challenges were unfriendly moves by angry members of the party who intentionally challenged their incumbent Presidents, damaged their parties, divided their comrades and lost the elections. And unlike Bihi and Kahin, they knew that they declared war on their sitting Presidents and lived with the consequences.

      • Who is this Alan Alan? you’re not a Somalilander, so why should you bother comment in here? Where do you stay?

  3. No byline? is this an SLP Editorial? whatever it is it is plain wrong. Sitting Leaders can be and has been challenged in all nations and all democracies throughout history. And the writer does not seem to understand the difference between KULMIYE Constitution and the National Constitution. The latter has no business in determining the contents or actions of political parties provided they remain within the law.
    So the issue is not one of constitution or precedence. The issue is one of wisdom. Is it wise for Bihi to challenge an incumbent leader and tear the party apart? The answer is emphatically no. It is disloyal and destructive and greedy and selfish and comes very close to treachery.
    I dont know what posssed Bihi to do this. All he needs to do is bite his lip and bide his time for another five years(that is if old Silanyo lasts that long).

  4. I’m surprised to read all the empty comments. I wonder if they will burry their heads in shame, when President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud Silanyo wins his reelection.

  5. You guys are as ill informed as May be your candidate – I don’t really know which is which, but I’m an American who lived to vote From the JFK days and all you guys said about a sitting president being challenged by his fellow party member is bullshit – burden my French, because I’m too old. Kids, learn to read, I know you’re too young but avoid making up history.

  6. When an elected and incumbent President is challenged within his party, it is a vote of no confidence by his own party members. When the challenge comes from the leadership of your own party, it is a coup de’tat and a declaration of war against the President.

    The two top party leaders are honest and love their party. I believe they have respect for their President too. But it seems that they have been blinded by:
    bad advice from their fellow colonels who are good soldiers like them but mostly bankrupt from politics just like them;
    being overwhelmed by the sight of the powerful seat getting closer after being re-elected to the top leadership of the party;
    Naively believing that declaring their candidacy to the Presidency against their elected incumbent President is a normal act of democratic procedure and finally over estimating their recent unanimous election which was by design rather than popularity.
    Therefore, in view of the above, the other leadership and elders of the party need to explain to the two leaders the political and ethical meaning of their declaration and the damage they have caused the party. They should be reminded that they started a war within the party yet accused others of causing the commotion and the rift that followed.


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