Somaliland:Berbera port workers protest over unpaid wages


Casual workers at the Berbera port today staged a peaceful protest outside the offices of the managing director of DP WORLD, the new port operator demanding their daily wages.

The protesting Berbera port casual workers were demanding their unpaid weekly wages.

Mr. Isse Ali, the spokesperson of the protesting workers speaking to reporters stated that they haven’t being paid for the last two weeks.

Mr. Isse further added, “Whenever we demand to be paid the managing director threaten to block them working at the port.


Since the new operator got acquisition of the port from the current government to run the port of Berbera, things have changed from bad to worse. DP WORLD as its norms of operandi states strive to squeeze more juice out of the orange, and there are only a few ways you can do that?

By casualization of the workforce in other words, DP WORLD able to introduce modern mechanized capabilities(Robots) which will pave way for the laying off of port workers one by one, which contradicts their pledge to create more jobs for the local populace as stipulated in the memorandum of understanding document signed between the governments of Somaliland and the UAE.  


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