Somaliland:Berbera Port City as not reported by the BBC News



By Mahmoud Barreh

On 4th June 2015 the BBC News has featured some pictures and brief descriptions about the port city of Berbera, Somaliland. The reporter, James Jeffrey claims that Berbera port has crumbled to the ground, given the way it was once as a thriving fishing port.

The pictures chosen as well do not reflect on how the Berbera port and the city itself look like today. Contrary to the BBC allegation, Berbera has never been known as a fishing town and the fame of the city stems from its round the clock busy and thriving historic port. It is also known for having an air port developed during the Soviet Union era with the longest runway in all of Africa.

Such an important airport was not indicated in the BBC News report as well. The whole of Somaliland in addition to some neighboring countries such as Ethiopia rely on Berbera Port for import and export.

In 2014, Berbera port has become the largest port in the world for exporting live stock according to statistics of F.A.O (UN Food and Agriculture Organization).

Pictures below indicate on how Berbera and its ever thriving port look like in contrast with the pictures and the report published by the BBC News.

Some pictures of Berbera not included in the BBC News report.

Some pictures published in the BBC News report


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