Somaliland:Awdal regional ministry of health and Borama hospital are humanitarian aid and transparency Bermudas



Whether you are creationist or evolutionist religious or secular we know for sure that the human being originated from the components of our planet, earth. From that point of view it’s a firmed that Adam and Eve are the very first common ancestors of human being. As thousands of years if not millions vanished behind, the ancestral chains of human kind produced countless branches and the order of the kinship lost in an inestimable period of unanimity. Tribes, races, ethnics, cultures, and religious groups came into existence. The prolonged exposure of different environments diversified the human colors. Black, brown, reddish white and white appeared on the upper surface of human skin. Hair texture showed difference fair, wavy, and curly ones grew on the human heads and thousand of languages appeared time after time. With presence of this immense diversity the base of humanity remained unchanged. All the human languages have a same grammatical mode. Unlike the reproductive mating between the fox and the male dog, the reproductive mating between the Cushitic female and Caucasian male and that between Japanese Male and Arab female produce not sterile offspring but normal human figures. For that cause the sense of humanity coerced the parts of human being which ordered themselves and reached gigantic institutional, sociological, and technological developments to try to red off the barriers, which divide this expanded family, the human being. To empower the sense of oneness the highly developed countries handed a helping hand for their left- behind brothers and sisters. To put this fabulous job in effect the highly developed countries erected United Nations and many other humanitarian organizations and delegated them the job of humanity promotion. Through international and United Nations agencies every year hundreds of million individuals send donations to their brothers and sisters in the less developed countries who are still in an improvised life. For sure the United Nations and international organizations eagerly want that these aids reach the needy people. Apart from their good morale, the only wrong thing in this cause is that United Nations and the international agencies are not enough curious to ensure whether these gifts reach the targeted people or not. 84% of these cherished gifts do not reach the targeted people. View individuals from the elites including businessmen, doctors, government officers, and religious leaders absorb it. Falsified reports are always sent to the United Nation and the International Organizations. The information in these reports and the facts in the targeted zones are continent away from each other. Because of that negligence the most important social organs of the less developed countries are in the last gasps. The deteriorating health sector in Awdal region is a case in point.




The body of human being consists of numerous organs work together. Eyes are responsible for the vision and to enable the organism to see and ears to hear sound. Kidneys are to filter and control the blood contents. Heart is to pump blood and distribute the blood to all parts of the body. Skin is to feel and sense stimulus. All those organs do interpenetrated functions that complement one another and produce meaningful organism. Like these complementary anatomical functions, Somaliland society has institutional segments. Really, the health segment and its functions can be equated the function that the heart does for the human body and we cannot dispense with it as same as the human body cannot dispense with that of the heart. Let along to protect and promote this very important responsibility, Awdal regional ministry of health and Borama hospital are in an intolerable situation. The functions that the Awdal regional ministry of health and Borama hospital does for the society are totally impotent. An interconnected network of professional stealers seized the health institutions of Awdal region. This deceitful network consists of business oriented so-called doctors and unqualified individuals who serve for those cruel doctors as assistants. After years of inner challenges among those parasitic doctors they reached equilibrium and created sophisticated system to exploit the vulnerable and the economically week society in Borama and Awdal region as whole. It’s beyond question that Awdal regional ministry of health and Borama hospital receives huge financial and technical assistance from several generous United Nations and international agencies. The humanitarian agencies provide free medical facilities including all kinds of high quality essential medicines, beds, disabled chairs, microscopes, radios, and many other incalculable materials and sometimes they pay the salary of many employees for decades. This great subside mostly from UNICEF and WHO is intended to enable people find cheap medicine and service. WHO, UNICEF, and the other international agencies promised for the hospital to cover all the material and service expenses and told the hospital to sell these free medicine to the people in low price and to save the generated money from these materials in a cost recovery account. This free financial and material assistance from Somaliland government, United Nations, and Intentional agencies are swallowed by giant and never-ever satiated hole owned by Dr.Abdurrahman Jama Hadi, Dr.Ismail Haji Muhumed Aye, Abdulahi Dhakobin, Omarjili, and Sied Bile. The cost recovery cash which is intended to retain and save for the bad times in which the international agencies vacate the medical arena are shared by Dr.Abdurrahman Jama Hadi and Ismail Haji Muhumed Aye. These two guys are the dynamos of the ongoing corruption in the hospital because of their immorality; the functions of Borama hospital fall in absolute turmoil. Borama hospital became the greatest industry that produces the largest medical misdiagnoses and wrong prescriptions. I encountered one patient who was given a wrong prescription by a doctor in the hospital outpatient. The doctor in the hospital told the patient that he was suffering appendices and prescribed for him certain tablets. After the patient found no responses from the treatment he went to Harar. The Harar hospital diagnoses that she has an ectopic pregnancy. Another sorrowful surgical case happened in Borama hospital. Da’ar’s sister who was strong and physically fit was hospitalized for a minor case. The lady encountered a premature birth and she wanted the remnants of the baby be cleaned from her Uterus. Dr.Ismail Haji Muhumed Aye decided to carry out the surgical operation to let the remains out. The barbaric doctor who used to care the $300 from the surgery more than the safety of the human lives started the operation. During the operation the inconsiderate doctor cut the tissues of the lady as if he was sloughing a goat. The business oriented doctor completed the operation and stitched the site of the operation. When the lady came out of the comma she felt that there was an internal bleeding. The lady told her relatives that the scissor of the doctor wounded her so badly and that she was feeling extreme pain. Her relatives informed Dr.Ismail Aye about the case and the doctor ignored them. Several hours after the lady came out of the comma, she died helplessly in the hospital ward. It’s illegal to make euthanasia for the gravely ill patients but here in Borama hospital, Dr. Ismail does mercy killings for the walking Outpatients.

There are other countless conspiracies in the hospital and the MCHs. After every doctor took a lion share from the free medicine and materials and placed their private pharmacies, the immoral doctors sell the small amount which remains in the hospital medical store in unacceptable price without any regard for the free donations they receive from United Nations and international organizations. The haggard In-patients and Out-patients always scream in motel-like hospital wards while the assets of the Borama hospital are being used as materials for business and profit making. Like the spider network, Dr. Hadi who is permissive, incompetent, and unconfident and his team use the public hospital as a network that traps international donations for them. More than 84% of the medicines donated to the hospital to enable the poor people find cheep medicine and service are stolen and placed in AARAN pharmacy owned by Dr.Abdurrahman Jama Hadi, Borama Medical Centre owned by Ismail Haji Muhumed Aye, and NACIMO pharmacy owned by Abdulahi Dhako Bin. This manipulative theft tended the most important and highly demanded services and medicines unavailable in Awdal regional Hospital. These doctors put these medicines in their pharmacies and direct the relatives of the patients to go and buy medicine from their privately owned pharmacies. Medical donations from kind and generous donors are sold to the needy patients in high price. Sometimes, these well-orchestrated cheaters serve as medical wholesalers and sell inestimable amounts of medicine and other valuable materials to other privately owned hospitals and pharmacies while the helpless patients scream in hospital wards. An illustrative example is Yabe the director of MCHs in Awdal region. This man did irrational theft and took four bags of medicine from the medicine store. The illiterate director was going to Hajj. To get an abundant pocket money for the hajj visit, he stole four pages of medicine $150 each and sold them. Yabe also enforced world vision to add two not served Toyota Land-Cruiser of his own in the list of hired cars. He coerced the agency to perpetuate this deceitful action. This greedy director takes illegal car rent in every vaccination campaign. Like this insolent action Dr.Hadi and his team demolished the inspiring developments of Borama regional hospital. The corrupt medical doctors put the medical service of Awdal regional hospital, the 24 MCHs, and the 28 health posts in Awdal region into a total eclipse. The effective laboratory of the HIV examination was completely closed by the concealed corruptions of this immoral doctor. Today the blood recipients in Awdal region are in high risk to receive HIV contaminated blood as the HIV test laboratory went under complete closure. The useful doctors who used to undertake successful surgical operations in Awdal region dramatically reduced their work if not fully stopped because KIJABI and KIKOYO eye group and many others saw the recently appeared inability of Borama hospital to host such sophisticated surgeries because they affirmed that the surgical theatre is not suitable for this operations. This great corruption horrified COOPI, an international agency which used to provide large financial assistance for Borama hospital. COOPI covered the largest portion of the hospital expenditure and it has a plan that the hospital will itself cover its needs after a decade or so. COOPI which is highly respected organization was highly suspicious about the financial activities of the hospital. The hospital administration and finance officer who has forgery certificate and has no financial knowledge to make expenditure vouchers has tangible role for the facilitation of this massive corruption. COOPI informed the regional officer and hospital administrator to cover the financial needs of the hospital for small time the organization planed to cease its lavish aids that was continuing in the past 15 consecutive years. The hospital failed to do so. This unexpected gap proved that the hospital retained no money during the decade and half it received huge financial assistance. The gap also proved that the cost recovery account balance of the hospital is zero. It gap also exposed that huge money was absorbed by the organized theft done by Dr. Hadi and his team. This merciless theft claimed huge amount of money and let the most important medical service needed by the society unfulfilled. Dr. Ismail Aye and Dr.Hadi are exponentially increasing liability to the hospital and the humanitarian aids that the hospital receives.


The MCHs in Awdal region shared a same destiny with the hospital. There are 24 MCHs and 28 health posts in Awdal region. There are also several international organizations that assist the MCHs and health posts including World Vision, Marlin, and Red Crescent. These organizations and Somaliland government provide all medical facilities including the high quality and the essential drugs along with nutrition and food distribution programs intended to promote dietary intakes of young children, pregnant, and lactating mothers in the rural settlements. Instead of encouraging the knowledge and the fresh young graduates who are reservoir of energies and innovations, Somaliland government and international organizations bear to work with incompetent and under qualified former low-profile security servant who hampered the effectiveness and the functional wellbeing of the MCHs in Awdal region. Yabe, the director of PHC in Awdal region is not the right person for this position for two reasons. He is under qualified and corrupt. He is incompetent and under qualified because he did not receive enough education to lead such high profile task related to the maternal and children health promotions because he has neither public health experience nor related field. Even he did not receive academic training because he was low profile spy who chase and collect rumors in the streets. He has no abilities to fulfill the leadership tasks needed by maternal healthy promotions for we take the task he was doing before. Yabe had small shop in Borama down town. The main business of his shop was selling local food such as maize, sorghum, and red beans. His shop was dirty and dusty one. Any Borama citizen can remember that the shop of Yabe was going out of business shortly before he turned to the PHC officer. All of sudden the desperate shopkeeper, Yabe, who failed to run small shop was nominated to the PHC director while excellent medical students both degree and MS ones are obliged to work as subordinates of this illiterate soldier who do not know even the basics of the First Aid. Really, the person who failed to manage small shop cannot lift the maternal health from scratch to remarkable developments. In the other dimension, he is corrupt because he has a cancerous will to steal the assets and the properties of the MCHs. The morally bankrupt officer, Yabe, discourages the educational achievements of Somaliland young graduates. He employs uneducated individuals from his own clan. This tribal based recruitment brought ignorant and poor self steam workers who has no the disciplines to care the vulnerable mothers and children who are in bad need of directions and kindness. These ignorant staff mostly from Yabe’s and Dr.Hadi’s clan changed the MCHs into violent playground with no referees, no goals, no central line, no half sides, and no rules at all. This worrisome incident can be an example for the ill-functions of the MCHs in Awdal region. Saleban Mandela went to the Borama central MCH to get some healthy suggestions. Saleban with keen and optimistic view about the MCHs reached the site of the MCH and entered. At the counter, a middle aged woman approached to him and asked “what can I do for you” “My little girl experienced ceaseless headaches” Mandela replied. The woman went away and took a great needle to inject his daughter. Saleban surprised about the quick decision the woman took without asking any additional information about the illness of his daughter. The gentle man, Saleban Mandela refused to allow the proposed treatment for his young daughter and the woman insisted to do so. During the argument, Saleban recalled that he knows this woman from the distance and he tried to figure out who she is. “Are not you the butcher woman beside Halane greengrocery” Mandela asked. “Yes, I was” The woman answered. He whispered to his wife and said let us go. He went out of the MCH building wondering about how sudden uneducated butcher woman turned to an Auxiliary. In this way the irresponsibility and the tribal based recruitments destroyed the efficiency of the maternal healthy and changed the situations of countless mothers from bad to worth. furthermore, recruiting illiterate individuals for the MChs which are vital for health of mothers caused 93% of mothers in child bearing age to sustain the believe of extreme dietary intake reduction during the gestation to prevent the enlargement of the embryos in order to easily deliver babies. Another cancerous habit this ignorant director has is that he has no faith for the importance of maternal health promotions. Disastrous incidence happened in Sheikh Osman MCH several women from Sheikh Osman district zone complained and demonstrated about the poor service and the unavailability of medicine in the MCH. When the director of the PHC noticed the case he went there and told the head of the MCH to call the neighbors and prepare a meeting with beneficiaries for him. Dozens of ambitious woman appeared next morning and met with Yabe. When the gathered woman told Yabe about their complaints he remarked this “These medical tablets you want so badly are from Jewish and Christian organizations who do not like Muslims. I am telling you something important. The medicines from the western countries are intended to lessen your reproductive capabilities and to reduce the Muslim population growth. Some of these medicines can cause permanent sterility. I am telling you not to rely on western medicines and advising you to use the traditional medicine as replacement for” The woman with ambivalence went away from the MCH site. This prejudiced PHC director, Yabe, misled numerous people in Awdal region and sow seeds of hatred and cynicism for the generous donors, United Nations, and international organizations in exchange of their cherished donations.

On the other hand, the brutal tribal based recruitment that Yabe always uses created nagging feeling of hostilities among the Awdalites. The case of Quljed MCH is an example. The employees of Quljed are 19 individuals with different salary grades. 13 individuals are from the district residents while the other 6 individuals are symmetrically divided between Yabe’s clan and Hadi’s one. The 13 persons from the district residents who roughly account 70% of the total receive less than 35% of the total salary while the aliens from Yabe’s and Hadi’s clan takes 65%. These corruptive acts also happen in Boon, Dagmolagas, Harirad and many other MCHs in Awdal region. The parasitic invasions led by Dr.Hadi and Yabe created tensions in more than 17 MCHs in Awdal region. The immoral doctors also take huge amounts of valuable food from World Vision. This food consists of Maize, Sorghum, Unimax, and Rough Plump nut Biscuit, Oil, and several kinds of legumes. The main objective of this supplementary food is to empower the nutritional intakes of the pregnant and the lactating mothers along with the young children. I am here by declaring that more than 80% of this food is used for profit making. If you go to the cereal markets of Borama, Baki, Lughaya, and Zaila, you can see numerous packs full of cereals and legumes with the sign “Not for sale” while the lean and the hungry-look pregnant mothers with protein deficient and swollen bellied children who walked several miles to the final distribution points lurk in front of the MCHs and continually go back to their huts with empty hands.










To understand the degree of the corruption the following tables compare the subsidized and the current prices of the drugs, surgeries, and laboratory examinations.



This table shows drug prices of Borama hospital


Name of the medicine Measurement unit Subsidized price for the cost recovery in USD real price in the hospital pharmacy and the MCHs in USD
Cotrimmazole(tablets) 480 Mg $ 0.5 $ 1.5
Ampoxilin(capsule) 500 Mg $ 1.5 $ 5
titrocline   $ 0.75 $ 2
Ampoxallin(capsule) 500Mg $ 1 $ 5
Penicillin(tablet) 250Mg $ 0.5 $ 3.5
Metronazole(tablets) 500Mg $ 0.25 $ 3.5
Ampecilin Vial $ 1.25 $ 5
Penicillin injection vial $ 0.75 $ 4
Metromidozale infusion   $ 0.25 $ 1
Dextrose glucose 50% $ 0.13 $ 0.75
Normalsalin infusion 500ml $ 0.25 $ 1
Ringerlactale 500ml $ 0.25 $ 1
antifungal   $ 0.3 $ 1.25
gauze sterile Box free $ 0.25
Cotton wool bag $ 0.5 $ 2
Blood bag   free $ 2.5
Urine bag   $ 0.3 $ 0.75
Cather   $ 0.25 $ 0.75
IV canter   $ 0.12 $ 0.5
plaster plaster (dozen) $ 0.014 $ 0.25
Urine bag   $ 0.25 $ 0.75
Paracetimol 500Mg $ 0.3 $ 1
Aspirin 300Mg $ 0.25 $ 1.5
Ibuprofen   $ 0.5 $ 1.5
Ampecellin syrup bottle $ 0.5 $ 1.25
Metrquidose syrup bottle $ 0.017 $ 0.25
Amoxallin syrup bottle $ 0.25 $ 1.25
Paracetimol syrup bottle $ 0.25 $ 1
ORS(free) batch $ 0.25 $ 1
clean delivery kit(free)   free $ 1






This table shows the most common surgeries


Surgery name Description Subsidized Price in USD Real Price in USD
Sea section Picking up babies out of the uterus $ 120 $ 300
Appendices Removing a deteriorated appendices $ 90 $ 300
Glostomy Removing gald stone from the kidney $ 180 $ 300
Hernia Fixing loosened diaphragm $ 90 $ 250
Lepoma Removing non-cancerous tumors $ 90 $ 200
Tonsillectomy Removing deteriorated glands $ 90 $ 300






This table shows Borama hospital laboratory examination prices


Name Descriptions Subsidized prices in USD Real prices in USD
HB White blood cells count $ 0.75 $ 2.2
ESR   $ 1.3 $ 2.8
H.Byloric   $ 1.75 $ 6
Hepatizes   $ 1.75 $ 6
Liver infection   $ 3.6 $ 8.6
Diabetic   $ 0.5 $ 2.5
Hemophilia Not available
Leukemia Not available
Urine Cretonne   $ 0.75 $ 2.14
Kidney problem   $ 0.75 $ 2.14
Urine analysis Stool analysis $ 0.5 $ 1.5



Another dreadful corruption happen in the financial insurance provided for the families of the deceased individuals from the list of the ministry of health in Awdal region. This historic move was started soon after the death of the honest and shrewd doctor. This man was Dr. Gees who had chosen solitary life from the garbage business, which his counterpart doctors were running. The close friends and the relatives of Dr.Gees initiated this cause and its objective was to provide financial assistance for the family of the doctor. The employees eagerly accepted the cause and donated one month salary of theirs for the family of the glorious doctor. After that date, Hadi and his team tried to perpetuate this act and he modified it into legal financial insurance. At that time the employees who their number roughly equal 207 individuals signed, the agreement after the regional officer of the ministry of health Abdurrahman Jama Hadi legalized this cause and informed all the employees of the ministry in the region. They changed it into legal financial aid for family of every employee in the regional ministry of health and transmitted paper legalizing this act into the court. At that time, the amount deduced from employees and provided for the family of Dr.Gees was $14,000. Five years later, with presence 151 additional individuals in the payroll, which equals 42%, increase the employees of the ministry of the region count 358. Today the families of the deceased individuals receive smaller amount then what Dr. Gees’ family received at the beginning of this act. The families of the deceased individuals received different amounts which is somewhere in between $11,000 to $13,000. The following tables depict the discrepancy between the sum deduced from the employees and the sum received by the families of the deceased individuals.



This tables demonstrates the amount deduced from the employees


Grade No Net payable of each grade in shilling Total of each grade in shilling Total of half salary deduced for the family of the deceased individuals in shilling
A 76 896,922 68,166,072 34,083,036
B 129 736,826 95,050,554 47,252,277
C 99 566,827 56,115,873 28,057,936
D 54 341,192 18,424,368 9,212.184
Total 358   237,756,867 118,878,433



The conversion of the shilling into US dollar is   118878433 / 7000 =   $16,982














This table shows the deceased individuals and the amounts their families received after their death.


Names of the deceased individuals                              Amount deduced from the employees Amount received by their families The discrepancy between the two is the amount taken by the hospital administration
Dr.Gees(One month salary) $ 18,268 $ 14,000 $ 4,268
Muse Diriye Ilhidh $ 16,982 $ 13,000 $ 3,982
Ibrahim Dahir $ 16,982 $ 13,000 $ 3,982
Miado $ 16,982 $ 11,500 $ 5,482
Ardale $ 16,982 $ 11,500 $ 5,482
Ali Abusto $ 16,982 $ 13,000 $ 3,982
Ali Mumin $ 16,982 $ 13,000 $ 3,982
Warsame nuur $ 16,982 $ 6200 $ 10,782
Alamagan’s wife $ 16,982 $ 6,500 $ 10,482
The watchman of Dila MCH $ 16,982 $ 13,000 $ 3,982
Ahmed Abadir $ 16,982 $ 11,500 $ 5,482
Jama (Cold Chain) $ 16,982 $ 13,000 $ 3,982
Hasan Nurse $ 16,982 $ 13,000 $ 3,982
Mahdi Barkhad Garabo $ 16,982 $ 13,000 $ 3,982
Saleban Ali $ 16,982 $ 13,000 $ 3,982
Abdi Farlo $ 16,982 $ 13,000 $ 3,982
Total $ 272,998 $ 191,200 $ 81,798


The stealing machines that consist of Dr. Abdurrahman Jama Hadi, Dr.Ismail Haji

Muhumed Aye Dr. Abdulahi Dhakibin, and Sied Bile, Fosiya, and Gaur and many other individuals stole huge money from those families. The money which was provided for the families of the deceased individuals is $191,200 while the genuine amount deduced from the employees is $272,998. Since the beginning of this financial insurance the total amount stolen from those families is $81,798 which is equivalent 30% of the whole sum.



The other gloomy nightmare is the critical disorders in the immunization campaigns. Immunization is very important for the well-being of the communities because it’s the best way to prevent diseases and to produce a community with healthy and active children, young adults, and senior citizens. Immunization which is preventive way of treatment terminates the most hazardous and epidemic diseases. These haunting epidemic tragedies consist the following.


1. Whooping cough

2. Diarrhoea

3. Pneumonia (type B)

4. Titans

5. Measles

6. Hepatises B

These epidemic diseases are still abundant in the country and claim the lives of hundreds each year. Further, the BCG which is used as preventive vaccination for tuberculoses (TB) and the Polio Zero for the prevention of the fatal Polio paralyzes are in absolute failure because the tribal based recruits are illiterates who have no any information and knowledge to care the cold sensitive Panton and light sensitive BCG and Polio Zero, which are minimized and cultured virus and bacteria that cannot tolerate unsuitable temperature degrees. The tribal based recruits for any immunization campaign have no former medical training and knowledge. And to the extent they have no any information and skills about how to fellow the Cold Chain Management which is the lifeblood for the effectiveness of the weakened viruses and bacteria which are intended to host certain tissues and muscles of the human body in order to activate special antibodies for immunizations of these merciless diseases. Its doubtless that both light sensitive including BCG for the TB and Polio zero and cold sensitive ones including Whooping cough, Diarrhoea, Titans, Pneumonia, Measles, and Hepatizes B, which is new for the vaccination arena needs careful storages and management. These useful immunization drugs which are vital for the community need well-trained and attentive personals. We also know the effectiveness of these drugs depend on maintenance of certain temperature degrees roughly +2 to +8 degree centigrade. All those immunizations for BCG, Polio, and Panton ones are completely denatured by the exposure of unsuitable temperatures. Here in Somaliland, the semi-desert climate which always receive hot and direct sunlight rays and the poor management of the Cold Chains for the drugs along with the unskilled tribal based recruits who cannot distinguish the meanings of the colours indicated by the Vaccine Via Monitor (VVM) changed the situation of the vaccination campaigns into fruitless ones. You can see the dummy staff holding kits full of needles and bottles with black indicating VVM wondering in the streets of Borama, Zaila, Lughaya and their suburb settlements who are giving dead injections for the women and the children. The indifference and the lack of skilled temporary labour changed the situation of countless children and women from bad to worth. Really, the vaccination procedure needs highly attentive and skilled workers as a different disease with different immunization types needs precautions. Some of the vaccines needs under skin injections. For instance the BCG needs 15 degrees under skin while the measles needs 45 degrees. In contrast, the Panton is including Whooping cough, Diarrhoea, Titans, Pneumonia, Measles, Hepatizes, plus the Titans for the women of child bearing age need 90 degree intramuscular injections. Because of the ignorant tribal based recruits mostly from the close and distant relatives of the organized medical mafia that seized the health sector of Awdal region and its capital the immunization procedures fall under complicated disorders. The harsh malfunctions in the immunization procedures left catastrophic impact in Awdal region and led countless woman and children to stagger under the burdens of permanent paralyzes and nerve damages.

In the other side, More than 43% of the employees for the immunization campaign are non-existent. The real number employed for the recurrent immunization campaigns are always smaller then the illustrated lists. The deceptive director of the immunizations Sied Bile and his team add falsified additional numbers in the lists of the temporary staff for the immunization campaigns. They do this in order to take the money allocated for these numerous false individuals in the list. The inconsiderate director of the of the vaccination campaign Seid Bile and his team changed the situation of the vital immunization programs into total chaos in which the bottles and needles are deliberately spoiled and drawn away. The undisciplined staffs who do not know the importance of these immunisations facilities dig holes in the ground and burry most of the bottles and needles in the ground. The careless employees who have colour-blindness from the other important dimensions of the immunization see only the grey colours of their incentives. To take these incentives, men go to the Khat chewing sessions and sit there while woman sit under the shadows of the trees until they fill and complete the forms. The tribal based recruits always write long false beneficiary lists to pretend that they had done the most important immunization tasks.

They do this to adjust the huge discrepancy between their lists and the number of the returned needles and bottles.

More to the point, the cars hired for the vaccine and immunization campaigns are owned by fraudulent leaders of the health sectors. Sied Bile, Abdurrahman Jama Hadi, Yabe, employ more than 14 cars of theirs. Other numerous individuals in these deceptive networks enlist their cars to get the profits gained from the cars engagement. For sure 90% of the vaccination money circulates among those locusts that engulfed and eaten the humanitarian aids for the poor and the marginalized people. In addition, the director of the vaccination, Seid Bile who is Muadim, a prayer alarm maker in a small mosque and his team has no the morale value to encourage and honestly serve for the basic philosophies of the immunization programs which is mainly to terminate the hazards of Polio disease on the face of the globe. Recently seen Polio case can be an indicative example for the immorality of Sied Bile and his team.

A sudden paralyzes affected young boy who is from a family fled from Mogadishu political instability and the repetitive wars. The Hamarawi family reside 6 years in Borama especially in Sheikh Ali Jawhar. In the past 7 months the boy was bearing the burdens of paralyzes. His mother figured out that this disease could be a Polio one and reported the case to Yabe who reside in close neighbourhoods. The mother of the paralysed boy also told Sied Bile about the case. Unfortunately, Sied Bile and Yabe told the mother of the infected boy that this case is not a Polio case. The selfish and narrow-minded directors took hast refusal without any medical examination to identify the genuine nature of the disease. Like this, many other cases with same symptoms appeared in Awdal region. The victims of this diseases develop complete paralyzes of the legs and arms without any brain damages. With presence of these catastrophic cases Sied Bile, the director of the Polio and Yabe, the director of the PHC who reside a same district zone with paralyzed Hamarawi boy declined to report these cases because they fear their deception could be uncovered by the momentum these cases might come up with.


Overall, transparency is spinal for every social development and up-ward mobility. It’s the one that strengthen the physical make up of the societies. It’s the most principal way that the underdeveloped countries can move from the ashes of the backwardness to the harmonious life. It’s the only getaway vehicle from the improvised life to a fabulous one.

We, the less developed countries, regard the highly developed countries our role model for the transparency. We also admire United Nation and International organizations by the encouragement of the profession, creativity, and meritocracy. We consider United Nations and International agencies as curative medicines which treat the administrative malfunctions in the horn of Africa. Could the medicine itself co-exist with the diseases? No, we believe that the United Nations and the International figures are not part of the conspiracy. This voice is coming beneath layers of corruptive networks. It’s a seldom heard voice. It’s the voice of the needy people who are being abused in the lands where the very first human being appeared. This voice is requesting from United Nations and international organization to take urgent corrective measures against these medical monsters before the people misinterpret their ways of conduct is the mirror images of the generous agencies and the donors.



Farah Barkhad Nour

Freelance writer

Borama, Somaliland

Tell: +252-2-0634455236




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