Somaliland:ATU DARYEEL Hospital provides free Medical to Hargeisa Residents

The new Abaarso Tech University Hospital, ATU-DARYEEL, concluded two days of medical outreach care in the Ga’an Libah District of Hargeisa.  The outreach program, which took place April 29 and 30, provided free examinations, diagnostic laboratory procedures and free prescription medicine to 514 individuals in the subdivisions of Magaalo Ugaaso, Dab-la-Taagay and Jimaale. 
ATU-DARYEEL is a new teaching hospital established by the university.  It is located on the eastern edge of the main thoroughfare known as Road 150.  Ahmed Mohamud Adan, the Director of ATU-DARYEEL, speaking on the launch of the outreach program explained that the area covered by the new hospital extends from Sheedaha to Sheikh Nur.  This a major population area that is underserved and the new hospital is expected to provide much needed health care in the area, especially to the underprivileged areas of Hargeisa’s eastern suburbs, home to large numbers of former refugees and internally displaced people. 
Students at the Abaarso Tech University College of the health sciences played a major role by assisting the four specialist doctors who treated the patients and who will also be part of the permanent staff of ATU-DARYEEL.  The students worked at health information booths and distributed sanitation kits.  At the end of each patient’s visit, students in the Public Health program held one-to-one sessions with each patient to help them understand the medications they were prescribed and how to manage better the health and well-being of their families and children.
The Vice-Chair of ATU-DARYEEL, Mr. Ahmed Ali Mohamed, also speaking on the occasion explained that preparations for ATU-DARYEEL was initiated by the university in October 2016 and that the hospital will begin full operations on 20 June 2017.  Mr. Mohamed added that “ATU-DARYEEL is a university teaching hospital, it will be part of our medical teaching program, but it will also be a tremendous asset towards providing affordable health care to a large segment of our population”. 



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