Somaliland:An Open Letter to President Silanyo

The President
Republic of Somaliland
HE Ahmed M Silanyo
Your Excellency,
Asalam alaikum,
It is with great respect that I write to you this open missive.
Your Excellency, a lot has been said and written especially as regards the extension of your term in office. As a learned person with wealth of political experience, I am sure, you will agree with me that it was poorly handled; it runs against the grains of all your publicly held ideals and pronouncements and it risks soiling your legacy to this young nation.
Your Excellency, I would like to draw your attention to a salient fact that seems to escape adequate scrutiny under the current cloud of outcry against your extension of term. It is a problem that, with the requisite political will, help you repair your legacy. The current controversy on extension of term as brought to the fore the glaring gaps in our current constitutional laws.
Your Excellency, since the referendum, our constitutional growth seemed to have stunted. Parliament and the Executive seem to have gone into reckless slumber. Despite the repeated political crisis that erupts during electioneering period, no one seemed ready to acknowledge the constitutional mess Somaliland finds itself today. Everyone, and sadly this includes your administration, seems to be preoccupied with meaningless point scoring verbal war with the opposition parties.
Your Excellency, our constitution is what defines our identity as Somaliland and it is how we will manage its implement and equally importantly, its growth that will determine Somaliland’s posterity. The current status quo is no longer tenable. We cannot afford another claim to extension from another president which given the current politics is guaranteed to happen.
Your Excellency, If you opt for the easy route and decide to let the future administration think about constitutional reforms you will not only have soiled your legacy but also changed the constitution by confirming Riyale’s precedence into acceptable political normality. Either way, the ball is in your court.  You either opt for a comprehensive Constitutional Reforms and thus bequeath Somaliland a stronger democracy or commit constitutional coup by normalizing extra-constitutional political arrangements that serve short term political interests and thus steer Somaliland toward a definite collapse.
Your Excellency, I will ask you to take leadership in this crucial matter. A reformed constitution is a better legacy than bricks and mortar. This is an opportunity to be the father of the Third Republic.
I will be looking forward to your positive consideration of this humble request.
Your Fellow Somalilander
Ahmed Aideed


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