Somaliland:Almis Garbage and waste-disposal win Citys Contract


GarbageBy Hassan Ali

The City of Hargeisa  has picked Almis Garbage and waste-disposal companies to take over residential service and recycling, a deal expected to save the city millions of dollars a year.


Almis Garbage collection and Disposal Services won the contracts after bid requests were issued last month after the previous firm tasked with the job failed to deliver.


The city will now negotiate  contracts with the firm based on its proposals, Mr. yusuf Ahmed said during the yesterday’s event in which the garbage collection firm showcased its capablities.


Almis Garbage collection and Disposal Services will handle residential waste and perform monthly bulk trash pickup and curbside recycling. The  company will be responsible for the whole city unlike previous when it was responsible for collecting garbage in 26th June district.


The Mayor of Hargeisa Mr. Abdirahman Mahmoud Aideed speaking at the ceremony held at Hotel guleed yesterday said, The granting of the new contract to the garbage collection was part of a new renewal Sustainable Approach to city Waste Management and considering the fact this firm has being able to prove its efficiency in the past.


The event held at Hotel Guleed brought together MPs,Ministers,Councillors ,Ministry of Health and other dignitaries.


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