Somaliland:Ahmed Dhagah Women Wing Abandon Ruling KULMIYE to Join UCID


DSCN7809By Goth Mohamed Goth

SomalilandPress-A couple of dozens former supporters of the ruling party (KULMIYE) were today incorporated into the ranks of the justice and welfare party (UCID) in a well-attended ceremony held today in Ambassador Hotel, Hargeisa.

The new justice and welfare party (UCID) supporters numbering two hundred were formerly part of the ruling party Ahmed Dhagah Women’s wing who were disenchanted with the way the ruling KULMYE was running g the country.

Speaking during the today’s event were the youthful Presidential Candidate Hon Jamal Ali Hussein said, “The Present government had failed in many sectors and that it and failed to deliver on its campaign promises such as political commitment to delivers public financial management and wider public sector reforms, leading to improved accountability and government strengthening all has turned to be faslse.

Hon Jamal Ali Hussein added, “What is happening in Somaliland today is utterly shocking. Corruption is becoming rampant. Clans are made hostile and suspicious of each other. Our traditional system is exploited and manipulated by the current government.

The Justice and Welfare Presidential Aspirant said, “Kulmiye party was lost the confidentiality of its own supporters countrywide, but unlike KULMIYE, we in UCID shall not make false promises to the electorate as KULMIYE did but we have our own plans for the people and if “ALLAH “wishes we hope to strengthen good governance, and also provide access to equitable basic services for all citizens of Somaliland.

Notable speakers at today’s event were the former minister of Finance Mohamed Hashi, former prisoner of conscience Ms. Nadra Mohamed Jama, Rotha Ahmed Yassain.

Today’s defection is the latest with the most recent defection in Gabiley and Borame this week and more supporters of the ruling party are defecting to opposition parties.




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