Somaliland:A Third “Shaani” Explosion goes off in Hargeisa


police search motorist

By Goth Mohamed Goth

A third “Shaani” explosion was heard across the city of Hargeisa has gone off in the vicinity of the heavily guarded Presidential palace in hargeisa at about 6:20 pm.

Although reports remain sketch, unnamed official was heard saying nobody was hurt neither was any property destroyed following the explosion which is thought to be caused by the homemade device.

Somaliland security forces are said to be placed on high alert following the spate of explosions which have rocked the Hargeisa in the last few days with motorists undergoing searches but still its not clear who is behind this explosion meant to cause panic among the local populace.

We shall continue to update your readers as the story develops.



  1. It is only children playing with fireworks who are worried about the news and rumors on the street fasly quoting there is going to be a war when every one is sick and tired off fighting.

  2. Somalinders at home and abroad or in the diaspora deserve better. Plse lets join together to shift the mindset of our Brothers and sister at home and in diasporas. What we need is radical paradigm and narrative to shift how we construct a new Somaliland. Spewing clannism and supporting incompetent individuals irrespective of his/her clan is beyond stupiidity. It was clannism that reduced Hargeisa and Burco into rubbles and thousand person died. But it seems that we have a short memory of our recent history and why we went to war with Siad Barre. How can we be a modern nation when we view our young Nation State in terms Clans. We must and it essential that we build a nation and institutrion that is based on organic solidarity and not clan solidarity. The diaspora if you have constructive contribuation pls do it. Stop and Think! What type of society do you want to live in Somaliland. I will like live in an inclusive somaliland where everyone is judged by the content of character not his/her clan or even more importantly a society that creates opportunities for it Citizen to realise their full potential. Lets stop promoting mediocra and incompentent leaders. I am not refer to a particular leader or a specific person here, but lets develop a culture of promoting people with talents in every field.


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