Somaliland:6th anniversary of the Grand Renaissance Dam commemorated in Hargeisa


By Goth Mohamed Goth

A well-attended ceremony to commemorate the 6th anniversary of the Renaissance dam held at the Mansoor hotel in Hargeisa on Friday.

Brig Gen Berhe Tesfay , the Ethiopian Ambassador to Somaliland speaking during the ceremony said , “once complete, the mega Dam will provide “a step towards creating a prosperous Ethiopia” and accelerate development. The Dam will offer a model for developing countries on resource mobilisation and utilisation, he added

“Ethiopian’s both at home and in the diaspora, have sustained their support to the Dam in various ways, so far contributing towards the project calling on all Ethiopians to continue the support they have been offering to make the Dam a success’, he added.

The envoy added, “Public Participation in the construction of the dam was significant, he said. Regardless of their differences in relation to identity, religion, sex and socio-economic classes, the people of Ethiopia have offered support from the start. “The Dam is not only a development project but also a symbol of a strong Ethiopia,”

“The dam has brought about immense benefits to people living in an of area of 240, 000 km squared, but the
most important benefit is it lays a new foundation for enhanced participations in the construction of the Dam since 57% of the funds were from public donations.” He added.

Brig Gen. Berhe Tesfay further said, “The project will create much needed jobs, economic, technological development and tourism in Ethiopia and neighboring countries. Once complete, the mega Dam will provide “a step towards creating a prosperous Ethiopia” and accelerate development

Two hundred bonds were bought during the ceremony to commemorate the 6th anniversary since the laying of the foundation of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

Lastly, the Ethiopian envoy reiterate the need for Ethiopians to continue to contribute their share for its completion.

The late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi officially launched the flagship project six years ago, by laying the cornerstone in the Benishangul-Gumuz State, approximately 500 km North West of Addis Ababa. Upon completion, the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is set to be the biggest hydro-electric power project in Africa.

In February, the installed hydropower generation capacity of the Dam was increased to 6,450MW, up from the initial 5,250MW. The generation capacity now matches those of Tekeze, Beles and Gibe-II hydropower plants combined.


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