Somaliland:50 Elders from the Hawiye Clan Arrive in Hargeisa Today


egal AirportBy Goth Mohamed Goth


A group of more than 50elders from the Hawiye clan of Southern Somalia arrived in the country at the Egal International Airport, Hargeisa late evening today.


Rumors of the coming of the 50 Hawiye elders have being high in the past few days with their visit being linked to the ongoing dialogue talks between Somaliland and Somalia in Turkey and so many other issues.


Although the press were not allowed access to the visiting Hawiye elders upon their arrival at Egal International airport and also because of the heavy security presence at the time sources who managed to interview one of the elders who goes by the name of Mr. Hassan Hussein said, the elders visit to the country was not linked to politics vin anyway whatsoever but was based on three things which are as follows.

1.     To congratulate the people of Somaliland for what they have achieved through the years through peace.

2.      To learn from their experience and to seek wisdom from the brotherly people of Somaliland.

3.      To Share our advice and thoughts with our Somaliland brothers


Mr. Hassan Hussein went on to say, “During the duration of our visit we shall meet local traditional and members of the house of elders.


The government of Somaliland has until the time of our reporting kept silent over the visit of the 50 and above Hawiye elders but we expected government officials to break the ice on the matter tomorrow.




  1. Welcome our Somalia brothers, our hawiays brothers to Somaliland. We really appecriate that we are a good example for your country and that we wish that the people of Somalia put their laziness aside and difference and work together and instead of hearing suicide attacks inside their capital Mogadishu and those attacks are shabab to blame the obvious truth and they are the people of Mogadishu to blame and in Somaliland the people are viglinate and they are the police.

    • Don’t just bulshit, we’re no better than any. Their MP’s are questioning their top ministers and government leaders in the parliament, when no one is speaking up in ours, see how are they silencing the media by beating, imprisoning and even assassinating them. They’ve even locked the printing press with impunity for months by brute force. This is dirty afwayne pushed out through the door and returning back to us through the window. What about the thefts and lies by the mineral and energy minister and others who’re embuzzling everything and nobody says nothing. Let us first fix our selves and we feel confident enough tell the others about our imaginary success, so please be gentleman and use a courteous language.

      • Mohamed, Please don’t hold back, you should really what u feel….):-.
        While most of the points that you have raised are valid and should be rectified, there is a peace and tranquility in Somaliland so you should at least acknowledge that the glass half full so this should a cause for cause for optimism, and not pessimism,

        • Thanks Abdi, you are a man of integrity. It’s the great selfless people of our Somaliland’s hard work that made this miracle come true and i feel that we as a grateful nation we will have to keep the momentum so as not to disappoint our fathers and brothers who passed on the torch to us. I love Somaliland, and i am aware as you are that the situation we’re in wants us to be always vigilant and in constant work for the good of our country and the nation.
          Long live Somaliland!

  2. We have to welcome our brothers Hawiye to the highest reception till we make them Forget all pains and worries about the current Mogadishu affairs. This is a big opportunity for both us and the future of the region in terms of security, stability and genuine reconciliation. I urge all Somalilanders to take this matter seriously . As they say in Somali “Bowdo rag maalinba mid back qaawan” We should allow a wide media coverage after initial meeting with them, so feedback from Somaliland intellectuals in the diaspora analysis put into account as well as interior.This matter deserves its due after so long.


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