Somaliland:5 Junior Diplomats and Departmental Directors of MOFA&IC successfully Completed 6-days Diplomatic Training


5 Junior Diplomats and Departmental Directors of MOFA&IC successfully completed 6-days diplomacy training provided by the esteemed Diplomacy Academy of Turkish Foreign Affairs Ministry. Professionally experienced diplomats and returned ambassadors including Murat Ogus and Ercan Ozer, Numan Hazar, Turkish MOFA officials and other independent qualified professional academicians from different universities in Turkey facilitated the training sessions in collaboration with the Diplomacy Academy.


The training was conducted between 23rd-28th March in the premises of the Turkish Foreign Ministry in Ankara and as part of the program; the participant team visited and had meetings with key Turkish institutions particularly TIKA and Yunus Emre Cultural Institute. They had also opportunity for visiting and tourism tours and walks around to Atoturk Museum in Ankara, the Blue Mosque and the Othman Empire Palace House, “Sultanahmed,” Hagia Sofia Museum and Bosporus tour in Istanbul and other important and historic places in Turkey there.

The key topics covered in the training included in the following:

  • General Protocol Rules
    • Embassy administration
    • Public Diplomacy and foreign policy making
    • International security and peace keeping
    • Negotiation skills
    • Turkey’s relations with Africa
    • Turkey’s economy and foreign Economic relations
    • Global and regional framework of Turkish foreign policy
    • Humanitarian Aid and Development Cooperation
    • Mediation
    • Organizing of international meetings

This is part of improving the Ministry’s efficiency and particularly foreign relations of Somaliland. It is also part of the bilateral relation between Somaliland and Turkey and Somaliland MOFA&IC broadly thanks the Turkish government for their cooperation.

The team during their stay in Ankara met with the Somaliland-Turkey Community and Student Association who offered warn welcome and hospitality to the team. The two sides discussed key issues regarding cooperation of the Ministry with Somaliland-Turkey Community and Student Association, cooperation of Somaliland and Turkey governments particularly in the aspects of higher education and scholarships, preparations for 18 May and other relevant issues.


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