Somaliland:23 Hospitality and Catering students Sponsored by Save the Children complete their Training


By Goth Mohamed Goth

The second patch of students at the European College of Hospitality and construction graduated today in a well-attended ceremony held at the Mansoor hotel.

The training of the 23 graduates was funded by the European Union and was implemented by Save the Children.

Mr Abdirahman, the Chairman of European College of Hospitality and construction speaking during the event said, “Our collage is the only hospitality college in Somaliland founded in 2015 and since the 108 students have graduated from our school. Our graduates are going to find jobs easily as the labour market is in need for their skills. Students who show good leadership skills and exhale in our hospitality program will become potential managers in one of the country’s hotels. Many of our graduates are expected to manage their own restaurants and most of them are going to take executive positions in the airlines sector, and in the travel industry.

Mr. Jimcale Yousuf, from Save the Children Somaliland office speaking on this program said “The aim is to support unschooled, unskilled and unemployed youth through provision market-demanded skills those can help them in getting decent jobs. “ He added “All the training costs were fully covered under Horumarinta Elmiga project; A European Union (EU) funded project for harmonized and cohesive education systems and is being implemented, in consortium, by CARE, NRC and Save the Children (leading agency) with Ministry of Education and Higher Studies (MoE&HS).

Ms. Farhiya, the founder of the school speaking during the ceremony said, “The catering school provides Internships in catering, getting some hands-on experience is the best way to understand the fast-paced, demanding environment of an important function or event. “Potential students will participate in internships over the course of an entire semester or year in order to get a real feel for the ongoing pace of catering. Classes that focus on how to prepare food, how to market it to clients and how to sell clients on nicer products will prepare students to have the best shot at creating a small and successful business.

Somaliland Minister of Education and Higher Learning speaking at the opening ceremony said, “It was high time such a school was introduced to the country because understanding how to prepare and present food is a knowledge in itself. How to pair the food with various beverages and how to combine disparate elements to create a unified and pleasing menu are all important subjects.”

“The Ministry of Education shall support learners in schools and colleges who want to learn about this vocational sector and the potential it can offer them for their careers or further study. It is most suitable as a foundation for further study, providing learners with a core depth of knowledge and a range of specialist and general skills that will support their progression to further learning and employment,” he said.

The Minister of Justice and Judicial affairs lauded the founders of the catering school for investing their know-how and wealth into the venture. 


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