Somaliland:18 Pharmacist students Sponsored by Save the Children complete 1 Year Training Course at the Edna Aden University Hospital


By Goth Mohamed Goth

A well attended ceremony for pharmacology training students was held at the Edna Aden University Hospital on Wednesday, 27th, Dec, 2017.

18 students, 13 female and 5 male students underwent a one year pharmacology training course funded by the European Union through the save the children and was implemented by the Edna Aden University Hospital these being part of a wider educational project termed the “Hormaarinta Cilmiga” which has being running for the past 5 years and has being funded by the European Union.

The 18 graduating students are all from less fortunate families whose parents aren’t able to afford to pay for their education.

The aim of funding their studies was meant to produce well-trained staff, including a more knowledgeable and productive workforce. Investing in training and development improves customer service.

Mr. Mohamed Osman Yusuf, the President of Edna Aden University Hospital speaking during the graduation ceremony said, “I am happy to see these hard working students finally graduating today, Finding the time and money to train pharmacists and pharmacy team members is not easy but there are business advantages of having well-trained staff, including a more knowledgeable and productive workforce.

The President of Edna Aden University Hospital added, “After much consultation and discussion with the save the children and various stakeholders, we decided to announce through the local media the available positions, this attracted more than 400 applicants from all six regions of the country, out of the 400 applicants, 170 were shortlisted and only 28 applicants though 3 never showed up from the onset of the training, while another 7 dropped out during the course of the training. The reminder 18 students are here today for their graduation.

Mr. Jimcle Magan, of the Save the Children (Skills Training and employment manager) speaking during the event said, “The aim is to support youth from the less fortunate families and unemployed youth through provision market-demanded skills those can help them in getting decent jobs. “ He added “All the training costs were fully covered under Horumarinta Elmiga project a five years project; A European Union (EU) funded project for harmonized and cohesive education systems and is being implemented, in consortium, by CARE, NRC and Save the Children (leading agency) together with Ministry of Education and Higher Studies (MoE&HS).Students in this program will become certified pharmacist in one of the country’s many pharmacies.

Mr. Jimcle Magan urged the graduating students to utilize their newly acquired skills and knowledge in a good way, as well as to ensure that they should also improves their core industry knowledge and experience, as well as their soft communication and consultation skills.

Mr. Abdi Latif , chairman of Somaliland Pharmacies Owners and Drug Importers said, “Investing in training and development improves customer service, raises staff morale, boosts employee retention and, subsequently, increases profits.

Mr. Hamze Mahad Hussein, speaking on behalf of the graduating students thanked all those who availed them their support notably the Edna Aden University Hospital, Save the Children and Dr. Edna Aden for motivating them during the course of their training.


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